Tuesday, May 30, 2006

QOTW Time to yourself

Work at home moms rarely have time to themselves without the kids. What do you do if you have an hour, day, or eek an entire weekend to yourself?

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Diaper Gifts Online said...

What free time? LOL... I have to make my free time! I end up doing one of the few things I used to take pleasure in before having the baby... I lock myself away in the bathroom to apply face masks, wash my hair, and soak in luxurious suds.

Karen Rani said...

If I'm lucky enough to find free time, I pluck my eyebrows! LOL! Kidding! Hubby and I go out about once a week. We go bowling, or to a movie, play pool, or just hang out with friends. Alone time? Spent working on customer jobs. I love my job so it's all good.