Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Writing courses

One of our wahm bloggers offers a writing course each month, if you are struggling with what to write you may want to consider it. Content is key in blogging or writing for your home business.

Making Your Writing Correct — This course reviews some of the most common grammar and punctuation errors, such as using the wrong word (e.g., its versus it’s, that versus which) and subject-verb agreement. It also reviews how to fix misplaced modifiers, run-ons, and incomplete sentences.

Making Your Writing Clear & Concise — This course focuses on finding and repairing the weak spots in your writing. You’ll learn how to build better sentences and paragraphs and how to get to the point more quickly by cutting deadwood phrases, redundancies, and clich├ęs. It also reviews a handful of writing tricks that will make your writing easier to read.

For more details check out
Kivi Leroux Miller. writing for non profits site

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