Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wahm Reveal Motherhood Expectations

Welcome to the Question of the Week Responses

How does the reality of being a mom match up with the expectations of motherhood that you had before you had children?

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Angela of Marketing Corner for Wahms shares "The only advice I have can give you as parents or potential parents is HOLD ON it is a bumpy ride! Parenting is NOT easy don't let anyone fool you! There are times when you want to cry, scream, pull out your hair, give up! But then your child brings you a homemade card they put all their love into making for you, and well......... the world seems right again!"

Surviving NJ shares that motherhood is much harder than she envisioned of with dreamy visions of picnic filled weekends, a pristine household and my children's constant adoration

Confessions of an Ebay Momma shares that she thought "Before I had children I thought that motherhood was simply fitting another persons’ life/schedule into your own"

Amber tells us I don't honestly think that I even had a clue as to the "joy" and "love" that one can experience once that baby is growing in your tummy and then when they come into the world!

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