Saturday, September 23, 2006


Weddings can be a fun and crazy time for the bride and groom. However will their day be perfect. What can you do to make sure everything goes smoothly from the cermoney to the little details like wedding favors

Here are some situations that you may not think about but may happen.

Children at your reception Set aside a place for them. Get the crew an extra hotel room and show a double feature of The Lion King and Shrek, or hire a clown or magician to come in and entertain them. With the kids out of your hair, you (and the many appreciative parents among your guests) can keep things adult

It's raining on wedding day Get a golf umbrella just in case it might rain so the bride doesn't get wet.

Drinking guest Rent a bus or a shuttle to go back and forth between the reception site and the hotel.

Wilting Flowers Chose hardy flowers for your centerpieces so they will last the day.

Hopefully you will enjoy your wedding day and not stress so much!

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