Sunday, October 29, 2006

Best toll free number service for your home business

Kall 8 is a home business office a box and much more than toll-free service.

Kall8 is a toll free 800 service you can redirect instantly to ring to your office, home, fax machine or cell phone and back as you change locations. It is perfect for sizzle cards and ways to recruit for your business! Being a consultant for the Body Shop at Home keeps me
in touch with clients and customers from around the country and even
Canada. Having a toll free number has given methat professional touch,
increasing my prestige withpotential clients and making me more accessible
thanmy competition. I am so glad I found Kall8! It's the host of other services that come with thepackage, especially the caller ID/Call Detail feature. There's more that I don't yet utilize, but even without maximizing all the features, it's the best value around! I love Kall8

It costs $2.00 to set up and then it is $2.00 a month plus 6.9 cents a minute.
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