Thursday, October 05, 2006

Traffic Exchange programs worth it?

Are traffic exchange programs really worth the trouble? I personally don't think so, I tried them several years back.

When you register to theses traffic exchange programs, you agree to surf on websites that will introduce you to various home business opportunities, marketing programs and promotional tools. By doing this, you win credits and you can use them to show your site(s) to other members, and hopefully convince them to join your business downline. When you refer people to sign up for the traffic exchange, you will earn a percentage of the credits they earn. However, most members are using theses programs only to be able to promote their site. They aren't paying attention about any other pages. You will receive a lot of visitors on your website, but what's the point of using this free system if nobody cares about what you have to offer? If the visitors are not there to buy something, then why bother?

Even if you don't have the money to spend for advertising, you can can create a budget on the cheap. Do link exchange, write articles all to promote your site.

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