Sunday, November 05, 2006

WAHM reveal What they wanted to be when they grew up

Welcome to this week's responses.

“What did you want to be when you grew up?” and/or “What do your kids want to be?”

Susan talks about finding her passion rather than just doing something.

Work At Home Musings CSI, Teacher, Doctor are all things that gone through this work at home mind as well as her kids.

Jersey Girl dreamed of being a Vet when she grew up, however life took her in a different direction.

The Frugal Place hates the question but still gives it a good try and says she is not sure what her calling is still.


SolutionDIVA said...

Hi. I've never been here before, but saw the subject on my google alerts and I just wanted to share.

I can tell you what I DIDN'T want to be when I grew up -- a businessperson!

The men on my fathers side were all entrepreneurs -- going back 3 generations -- but I never thought I was smart enough to run a business (I had dyslexia, which made school difficult) . But my dad would always say "Sarah, running a business is common sense, and you have more common sense than anyone I know." I didn't believe him back then -- but now I do.

He even believed in me enough to give me the money to start my business.

Turns out, I am a passionate entrepreneur - the one thing I never thought I would be. My great-grandfather used to say "It's better to earn a nickel working for yourself than a dime working for someone else." Now I understand!

Sarah Zeldman

Carla Lynne said...

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Thanks in advance,
Carla Lynne Klimuk

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