Monday, May 28, 2007

Beauticontrol Work at home business opportunity for moms

Do you live a life you love?

With BeautiControl you can!
Imagine a world where you can be your best because everyone wants you to succeed. You can feel great and have days that you wish would never end. Living your best life... being happy... and ultimately feeling fulfilled is all about the choices that you make.
BeautiControl Consultants have work and family responsibilities, just like you. Through BeautiControl, someone showed them a way where they were able to make choices to be happy and create lives they love. Thousands of women have taken that step to make a positive difference in their lives.

You can live this life with beauticontrol

BeautiControl creates an environment that nurtures success. The way you move up in our company is by taking others with you. Isn’t that wonderful! Everyone wants to see you succeed because you never succeed alone. The only ceiling is the one you choose. At BeautiControl there is room for everyone who wants to have more and be more.

You may be thinking, “Oh, I could never do what those women did!” Many of them thought the same thing. It’s natural to have self-doubts. The difference is, they chose to try. When you think about it, what’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s never too late to take action and be the best you can be—for yourself and your family.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Arbonne Work at home business opportunity for moms

Arbonne International offers independent consultants the opportunity to market botanically based, pure, safe, and beneficial skin care and body care products. Independent Consultants are compensated on personal sales and group sales from their success line. Arbonne's product line includes anti-aging skin care formulas for men and women, baby care, and weight loss products. Arbonne consultants can sell products at home parties, market their business online and use other direct sales methods

"Arbonne has given our family a vehicle to achieve our dreams. Our children have studied all over the world; we live in our dream home and spend quality time traveling together. As schoolteachers, these dreams would never have been a reality without Arbonne! With desire and commitment, anyone can do this!"
Phoebe James, Independent Consultant Executive National Vice President Pleasant View, UT

Athome America work at home business opportunity

At Home America offers exclusive, versatile home wares at affordable prices. The product line includes, dinnerware, bake ware and collective bowls, clocks, picture frames, rugs, candles, food products, and many unique accent pieces. Our product line has been described at fashion forward and trendy, keep ahead of today's in-home style. AtHome America consultants can sell products at home shows, online, and person to person.

There are there are no sales quotas. You must, however, place a minimum order of $150 retail at least once every six month in order to retain your active status it AtHome America

Top Benefits of Becoming a HomeStyle Specialist!

When you begin your AtHome America home-based business — your rewards are ENDLESS!
FREE Start-Up Kit! AtHome America is the only direct-selling company that offers our sales representatives the opportunity to begin their new businesses with absolutely NO start-up costs! Our start-up kit — filled with business supplies and products and valued at $450 — can be earned FREE when you join!

Fantastic income! You immediately begin earning incredible income and amazing rewards — including a FREE desktop or laptop computer!

High HomeShow Averages! Because so many people LOVE our products, AtHome America has high HomeShow averages, allowing our HomeStyle Specialists to make MORE money!

Quality products! AtHome America offers three Catalogs annually, offering you and your Hostesses and customers a choice of more than 500 HomeWares at any time during the year, enabling you to decorate for every room, style and season!

Join a Family! When you join AtHome America, you experience a warm, supportive family environment with Lisa and Becky, sisters and AtHome America co-founders!

Be an Inspiration! We educate our HomeStyle Specialists about the most current decorating trends and show YOU how to share them with your Hostesses and customers!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Avon Work at home business opportunity

I am sure you have heard of Avon-almost everyone has. They advertise on tv all the time. Have you thought about selling it?

Would you like to Work from home?

Be your own boss?

Look, feel and live better, all while earning and learning?

You can with an Avon Career! Whatever background or walk of life, we know we have created a business opportunity whereas you can earn the financial rewards you desire.

Avon will support you through every step of your journey to success with the finest in programs and tools as well as outstanding rewards for your efforts. Your responsibility will be to set some exciting goals, manage your time and keep a positive attitude knowing that with consistent and persistent effort you will succeed.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ameriplan Work at home business

AmeriPlan USA® Corporation the nation's premier Discount Medical Plan Organization, saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.

AmeriPlan® is the largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type in the country. Our track record of success in providing access to affordable supplemental healthcare speaks for itself. We know our business.

Members and providers
the AmeriPlan® network is strong and growing!

Dale and Donna an Ameriplan Success Story:

After being downsized for the third time by Corporate America, Dale and his wife, Donna, from Dallas, TX lost everything but their home and weren't sure where to turn next.

Dale then discovered a new company with a new idea and became AmeriPlan USA's second representative in 1993.

A few years later Dale's residual income grew beyond $600,000 a year, and he was also rewarded with a $100,000 cash bonus!

Today Dale and Donna enjoy spending time with their family in their new home. "There's a feeling of total relaxation when you wake up in the morning and know the bills are paid. When you take off that pressure, everything is better."

As for the future, Dale is looking forward to seeing what a million-dollar income looks like. That's a dream that wasn't even a thought before he joined AmeriPlan USA®.


* Daily Pay
* FREE LIVE Support
* FREE Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Plan (for entire household)
* Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
* 401K benefits available

* NO License Required
* No Telemarketing
* Work your own hours

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Ameriplan business opportunity

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