Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Make money at home by selling purses and handbags

It probably goes without saying, but in today's economy families need to do everything they can to get ahead with their finances. While it used to be that a family could get by with just Mom or Dad going to work every day, we now live in a world where the "stay at home" factor is quickly diminishing. If you're like many stay at home parents, you just hate the idea of leaving the kids in daycare , but the pressing financial requirements of just getting by mean you need another source of income, but where from?
If you're like many women, you may have heard through the grapevine about the growing popularity of purse parties. As a purse party hostess you can easily generate incremental income for your family, all while doing something that you really enjoy! The premise is simple - women love purses and hangbags, and they love to talk about fashion. You simply setup a party with friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and so on, and have them come over to check out different purses from all sorts of companies.
What's the pay-off for your work in setting up a purse party? The companies selling the purses give you a cut of profits, all from the comfort of your own home. With so many different fashion oriented purse companies out in the world today the revenue opportunities are unlimited, and many home purse party hostesses can bring in upwards of $1,000 a month for part time work, all from their own living rooms.
If you're one of the truly enterprising, a purse or a pocketbook  party can also give you entry into other home hostess markets, such as jewelry - both costume and high end, make-up, purse accessories such as designer handles, chains, cell phone holders, and beyond, all the way to actual clothing!
So how much does it cost to you to get started with a purse party? It really varies from company to company, but the majority of purse businesses that offer such a package can get you started for anywhere from $50, all the way up to an initial $500 investment in inventory. While that may seem steep, there are two things that can help allay the cost. First off, the inventory can be returned if it's still in pristine condition should you find that your friends and family don't have an interest in what you're doing. Second, you can choose to pick a purse for yourself and keep it, even though you paid the purse company a wholesale price!
Alright, so now you may be saying, "Great! Sign me up," but not so fast. We have a few other tips on how to create a successful purse party. The biggest tip of all is to remember that you'll be networking with friends and family, so you can't push too hard and seem like an overbearing jerk! Second off, just like any other party you can spend a few dollars to provide refreshments and some snacks. You don't have to bust the bank, but a little bit of crackers and cheese served with lemonade can create a much better environment to get people talking about how much they love your party. Secondly, set some mood music! Again, the thing is to create a light-hearted environment where people you know can mingle, so think of this as a time to hob-knob with the added benefit of making yourself a bit of money.
What other things can you do to increase the success of your efforts? Think about things you like to hear about. Talk to your friends on Facebook about your efforts, sign-up those interested to get e-mail updates on new purse styles you're going to be offering. The purse companies are always showing off new things. Ask people to bring a friend to get special discounts, and even more importantly create a relationship with the companies you're representing - talking to someone on that end can work wonders to get you access to special offers, limited edition styles, and so forth!

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