Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Theme Party Ideas for Home Party Direct Sales

A list of party themes can be a party plan consultant's best friend. If you have ever been to direct sales home parties in the past, you have probably been to at least a few that have simply involved a consultant standing in front of guests stating information about their company's products. Even though home party direct sales are still popular, this style is not.
The typical party host today prefers to have a themed party that allows them to interact with guests, which is sure to be more fun and encourages more sales. Here is a list of party themes for your home party direct sales business.
1. Holiday Shopping Party for Kids Only
Kids always love the idea of shopping on their own for parents or other adults. For this type of party, you can print up flyers to hand out to parents announcing the event. Be sure to include the amount of money that would be appropriate for each attendee to bring with them for each gift. You will need helpers ready to assist the kids as they pick out gifts.
A nice touch would be to provide supplies for making cards to go with the gifts.
2. Holiday Open House
It is always a good idea to invite guests to your home with a Holiday Open House event. Invite everyone on your list to come shop for holiday gifts. Make sure to plan plenty of fun into this event to get your guests excited.
3. Office Party for Secret Santa
Get in touch with businesses in your area to ask if you can set up a Secret Santa party in the break room. The best time to set up your party is during lunchtime or at a time when employees are getting ready to leave work.
Your table can be set up with $20 or less items.
4. Ladies Night Out
A home party direct sales business is not complete unless you have at least one variation on the Ladies Night Out concept. Have your hostess invite moms who just want a good excuse to get out of the house. You can serve margaritas with chips and salsa.
5. Couples Party
If your hostess is booking a party in January or February, it might be fun to offer her the option on having a couple's party. Guests bring husbands and boyfriends along for the show, and play games like variations on the newlywed game. As an added bonus, men tend to spend money more easily, especially when they are having fun!
This is just a short list of party themes that will help boost your home party direct sales.
Rayven Perkins is the author of Create Your Own Theme Party System which walks home party consultants through the steps they need to take to create themes for their next in-home show.  Create Your Theme Book Now 

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