Sunday, December 02, 2012

How to use Facebook in your Home Direct Sales Business

Are you using Facebook to help you market your  home party direct sales business? If so, you are missing the a huge part of marketing your business. 
 Get a Facebook vanity URL so that users can easily find you. A vanity URL can be the name of your business, a product, etc.  For example if you are selling Avon  make your page  Mary Smith Avon Rep  or you want to target an area do Mary Smith Avon Rep for Atlanta 
Post business updates to your wall that focus on the business activities. If you are having  party or a 
Add your Facebook URL to your signature line for email, marketing campaigns, and other social media outlets so that prospects are able to find you.
 Combine Facebook with some of the other social medial tools such as LinkedIn or Twitter. For example, someone asks you a question on Twitter, then post your answer to your blog and link that to your Facebook page. You see how you can bring things round circle and create cohesion.
Post a picture of your product brand or a professional photo of yourself. It's always great to use a logo whenever possible.
 Use your page to grow your branding. Add basic information to the page including links to your company website, information about the company, a mission statement, a newsletter subscription, etc.
 Make sure you update your Facebook page regularly with helpful information, answers to questions, promotions being offered, etc. Remember the more you can engage your fan the more times they will visit, and the more people they will share the page with.  You should update your atleast daily.   Highlight a new product coming out, a shout out to new .
If you are a pampered chef rep, you can ask engaging questions like  My favorite fall dish to make is __________ (fill in the blank). Click here for our Easy Pasta Carbonara recipe: 
 Use Facebook search feature to find other fan pages related to your industry, business, career, or location and then network with these pages.
 Use Facebook ads to bring people to your page. Pages that are interactive and offer the individual value with have no problem turning visitors into fans. Remember those fans can share with their friends and those friends can share with their friends. You can see how you can quickly grow your page.
If you want to generate some new leads make sure you create a call to action. You can optimize your page using lead generation. Did you know that links that are shared in Facebook actually have a high impact on search engine results page rankings?
The about area immediately underneath your cover image and profile picture is one of the most important elements on your page. It’s the only space near the top where you can actually include a clickable and direct link back to your site (you aren’t even allowed to write out a link in your cover image), but it’s even more important because most people will land on your wall first, so this becomes your visible elevator pitch.

Take advantage of things like polls. Post a question and then choose 'add poll options.' You can use polls to acquire feedback from fans on page content, products, wall posts - really your possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Polls can increase participation while at the same time providing you with valuable information.
Finally, don't forget to subscribe to the Facebook official blog, where you will find all the announcements for new features. You can give yourself a head start by finding out about these features before others do. After all, it's a game of strategy so stay ahead of your competition.
Facebook for business isn't a secret anymore. However, not everyone has learned how to maximize the value of the Facebook page to grow their business. Start with these ten tips on how to use Facebook for business and you will be well on your way to learning the true power of Facebook and business.

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