Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Earn Money as a Team BeachBody Coach?

There is a very simple way to earn $900 in the next 3 months as a Beachbody Coach. By simply selling 3 Challenge Packs each month, a Coach would earn over $900. In the video below,its walk through how this works and give a simple explanation.

Team Beachbody Coach WAHM Home Business Opportunity

Team Beachbody is a breakthrough income opportunity that lets you turn weight loss into profit. In order to make money, all you have to do is let people know about getting fit and losing weight with Beachbody’s best-selling line of products. You succeed by helping others succeed!

 Beachbody is a successful 10-year-old, $250+ million corporation based in Southern California. We create and sell the nation’s most popular in-home fitness and weight-loss products—high-quality, well-manufactured DVD workout programs, gear, and nutritional supplements that have been proven to work. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you’re teaming up with a solid, stable company and a best-selling brand.

DVDs including 


Focus T25

Turbo Fire/ Turbo Jam 

Become a BeachBody coach here 

Monday, December 23, 2013

How can I tell if a multi-level marketing opportunity is legitimate?

How can I tell if a MLM   opportunity is legitimate?
According to the Federal Trade Commission, if the money you  make is based primarily  on the number of distributors you recruit, and your sales to them, rather than on your sales to outside people who plan to use the products, it’s probably a pyramid scheme.  The best way to tell if a multi-level marketing company is legitimate is to do your research, however.  The FTC provides eight steps you should follow when evaluating a multi-level marketing opportunity:

  • Find and study the company’s track record.
  • Learn about the product
  • Ask questions.
  • Understand restrictions
  • Talk to other distributors.
  • Consider using a friend or adviser as a neutral sounding board or for a gut check.
  • Take your time – don’t let anyone rush you into making a decision.
  • Think about whether the plan suits your talents and goals.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing for WAHM

A No-Nonsense, Take-No-Prisoners Plan for Earning Positive Return on Your Email Marketing!  The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing 

“They” say email is dead. Baloney! 94% of Americans use email. Passionate social networkers use email more, not less. Mobile email is huge. Email offers marketers more opportunities than ever...opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trial to repeat purchase, loyalty, even advocacy! But email has changed. Email users have changed. To get breakthrough results, you must break the rules! Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Fortune 500 or a work at home mom business, this is a complete no-nonsense plan for transforming your email marketing. Discover radically better ways to handle every facet of your campaign: lists, From names, Subject lines, calls to action, social network integration...everything!

Learn how to

  • Discover which email marketing “rules” are obsolete--and when to break the rest
  • Optimize every component of your message and campaign
  • Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line
  • Encourage opt-in by systematically simplifying signup
  • Bring real humor and creativity back into your email
  • Write a great main call to action--and great secondary and tertiary calls, too
  • Take full advantage of tools ranging from QR codes to texting to grow your email list
  • Make better technical decisions about prechecked opt-in boxes and other attributes
  • Know when to deliberately introduce “imperfections” into your emails
  • Use email marketing and social media to power each other
  • Prepare for the short- and long-term futures of email marketing

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Make Money for the Christmas Holiday for WAHMS

The  Christmas holidays are fast approaching and with it come additional expenses for travel, gifts and decorating. For many families who are already barely getting by, the holidays are a time of financial stress. However, you can offset the expenses of the holidays by earning extra income on the side. Here are three ways you make money without incurring upfront expenses.
1. Sell Your Unused/Unwanted Items online– Moms and Dads  on a budget  are visiting eBay and Amazon to do their Christmas shopping, so now is a great time to get rid of stuff you don’t want that could be of value to others. eBay is great for clothing, toys, electronics, household items and novelty gifts. To get the most from your eBay sales, take great photos and write descriptions that accurately describe the item. Amazon is perfect for selling books and DVDs and is easy because you don’t have to take pictures. Simply enter the item’s name, write a description of its condition, pick a price and list. eBay and Amazon are not free, but you don’t have to pay anything until your item sells and the fees are reasonable. In terms of how quickly you can make money, eBay and Amazon lead the pack.    
Also check out local Facebook yard sale groups-you can get some some good deals! Also post what you are looking for as well! 
2. Provide a service – The holidays involve a lot of extra work for families and businesses, which means many opportunities to make extra cash. Ideas include babysitting while families shop or while the kids are on break, home or business decorating and tree trimming, handyman or cleaning services, photography, baking and addressing cards.  One local family offers a drop off and shop several Friday and Saturday nights during the holiday.  
3. Get a seasonal job - Many retail stores  pick up during the holidays and need additional help. For example, many companies hire extra customer service reps during the holidays.
The trick to making extra money during the holidays is to know what you can offer and be proactive in offering it. Work-at-home opportunities don’t show up on your doorstep. You need to create the opportunities yourself. And with the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to get started.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New WAHM Home Party Plan Business Trends

Network is gaining renewed momentum as new MLM companies are starting to mushroom in the industry. After recession, many networks have withstood the tests of global financial crisis. These networks have in fact been in the market for decades. Established ones, such as Avon and Amway, have continued to pursue business gaining recruits and distributors around the globe as if they have not been unduly affected by the economic down trends. As the economies of giant nations are recovering in the year 2013, new MLM companies are also starting to gain strength along with tested networks.
Health and Beauty Products Never Run Out of Consumers
New party plan  companies as well as established ones are popular for distributing beauty products, health and wellness products and household items. Their products are very popular because everyone knows the importance of looking and feeling good. Many individuals are also seeking for ways to stay healthy and fit not only to look good but to avoid losing productivity due to illness and diseases. Health and wellness videos and educational materials and nutritional supplements are increasing in demand alongside beauty regimens and anti-aging creams.
New MLM companies are also following suit after the huge success of multi-level companies that sell cosmetics and beauty products such as Avon, Mary Kay and Amway. New companies are finding the beauty industry very lucrative because the demand for the products is always there. There is also a growing trend of males using beauty products along with women. Teens are also becoming very meticulous in there looks.
New MLM companies are also gaining many recruits, distributors and consumers that ensure a solid business structure because the products are really affordable compared to equipment and clothing. Advertising and demonstration of the use of the products are also very viral making the products easy to market.
Food and Household Products Are Must-Haves
Food and household products  are also increasingly gaining popularity among new MLM companies. The products are must-haves in many homes and kitchens because of their practical use. A solid base of consumers accounts to women who run households such as mothers.
Studies further show that around 87% of distributors are women. An increased number of women are also able to buy their items. In America alone, 50% of mothers have purchasing power. Mothers and women can seek income even when they only work part-time. Food and household products are always close to many women's hearts. These products help make household chores easier. Women are more empowered if they have these products as allies in their household because they are afforded extra time for other endeavours.
It is not true that MLM is running out of relevance in the market. The popularity of established MLM companies that operate in many territories around the globe is a testament of the need for network marketing. They compete with other companies that do not operate using the MLM business model. The rise of new MLM companies that abound the market in 2012 and 2013 also goes to show that MLM is as relevant as before. And even more relevant.
Since 1996, Rob Fore has built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure business working part-time in his spare time online. Now it is your turn. My Lead System Pro - is the program Rob has used to generate over 18,000 leads and sponsor 1,000 new team members.

How to start a WAHM Online Coaching Business

What if you discovered how to start an online coaching business? Do you want to know how to start an online coaching business staying at your home? 

The purpose of this article is to make you understand that you can start earning from home by just coaching students who may or may not be able go out of their home for studying. Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 - Provide training

You can start making money online by starting your online coaching business. Your expertise knowledge is the only essential requirement for doing it. You can start providing training sessions to individuals. It is very beneficial for individuals also as they can ask questions to their trainer without any hesitation and for that they will get personalized answers. Many times people don’t ask questions in front of the other classmates in case of classroom coaching. But in online coaching they can clear as many doubts they have in their mind.

Step 2 – Teaching sessions
You can also start your online coaching business by teaching lessons online. You can provide tutoring  to individual student eliminating the travelling part. Teaching lessons can be done according to your knowledge as both school goers and college goers want some assistance. For starting online coaching business through teaching syllabus you just need to apply with e-learning website as a tutor. 

After application you need to undergo a certification test and then get started with your teaching activity. Once you making students understand their syllabus well and gain popularity online you can also start giving lectures, webinars etc. Students also find interesting to learn through watching videos and applications.

Step 3 – Coaching for competitive exams

Today there are many competitive exams in each and every field. Many students just aim to crack this exam to build their career. Because of this huge demand there are many coaching institutes who try to explore this market.    You can online tutor for college admission like the SAT or ACT. 

But due to lack of quality teachers and quality institutions, students do not get the desired results. If you excel in any subject from medical, management courses or engineering, you can just provide coaching online to crack the exams. You can start your own online coaching business and start making students understand the subject well.

Step 4 – Providing tutors 
As many parents do not have much time to spend with their children or give attention to their studies, they prefer to provide tutors  to their children. But many schools have already started to use an innovative technique to make students understand things in a better manner. They use PowerPoint presentations, sketches etc to make sessions interactive. Students these days do not favor going out of their home for tutors  and so like staying at home and study through the tutors online. Online coaching business has a great scope as the travelling risk is also eliminated.

Do you want to learn how I do it? Download this 'FREE Report' and Discover How I Created a Killer Cash-Pulling-Machine that Attracts 23,883 Visitors and Earns $6665.49 on Autopilot from just 20 Days of Lazy Work...

Download it here: FREE start an internet business Report.

Raise your voice of I want to start a business online and work effectively to make your dreams come true

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Should a Work at Home Mom join the Empower Network?

With the amount of online wahm business  opportunities out there these days, how can you wade through all the scams and find a genuinely legitimate way to make money online from the comfort of your own home? Empower Network is one of the most recent and best new programs to make money online-this program was created by David Wood and David Sharpe.
To get a thumbnail sketch, Empower Network utilizes a viral blogging platform. However, it goes much deeper than that. It is an awesome opportunity to expand your current network marketing business, or even to jump in as a newbie blogger and simply make money by blogging online.
What are the details of Empower Network?
David Wood and David Sharpe launched Empower Network on October 31, 2011. It is a young company, yet extremely effective in making their over 13,000 paying members residual commissions in excess of $2 million... this occurred only 2 months after the launch. How awesome is that! Empower Network has seen such tremendous growth in its infant stages--according to Alexa, it's already ranked as the 324th largest website- can only a work at home mom  surmise that it's going to explode into further rapid growth in the ensuing months.
Basic membership with Empower Network is only $25 each month. That low price gives you access to the viral blogging platform, which is based on It's a very user-friendly blogging system... even for those who have never used the WordPress system.
So, how will you make money as a member with Empower Network?
The Empower Network system is a viral blogging platform which utilizes social media buttons on the website. You have access to sharing it on those social media platforms, as well as utilizing other simple and free methods to drive traffic to your Empower Network blog site. When someone visits your blog and clicks on any of the top or sidebar banners, they'll immediately be taken to one of your affiliate specific capture pages. The prospects can then watch a short informational video and if they join, they do so under your affiliate link and you'll earn a monthly commission. This funnel, which was created by David Wood, has an 80% conversion rate.
This program is highly effective and appealing because of members getting paid 100% commissions. This is huge, especially as compared to the majority of other network marketing affiliate programs. Commissions are sent directly into members' bank accounts. The beauty of this system is that for anyone you specifically refer, including those who randomly stumble upon your blog site-and these prospects decide to buy the basic membership, you will get $25 sent directly to your bank account.
In addition, this program, utilizes a compensation structure plan which will help you maintain completely active members in your organization, no matter what level they decide to start at.
Take a look at how it works...
Your first sale with Empower Network goes directly to you. The 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every successive 5th sale go to the affiliate member who referred you to the program or to their sponsor. As more prospects join your organization, you will earn commissions from those members just like your sponsor above you earns from your membership. Over time, this can accumulate into a good deal of money in your bank account.
The Opportunity only gets better...
Empower Network offers its members, added incentives. There is more to the program than simply the basic $25 per month membership. Affiliate members can sell other upsell products which members in their organization can buy.
The next level of upsell products is The Empower Network Inner Circle. This is a powerful audio training tool from various members and other marketers, who are earning over 6 figures yearly. This program costs $100 per month.
There is yet another upsell product which is the Costa Rica Intensive Program. This program is the in-depth video training from a seminar which David Wood presented in Costa Rica. This program cost $3,000 for those in attendance, yet it only costs members an additional, one-time $500 fee. Wow a great deal for WAHMs! 
If members want to sell the upsells and earn commissions on those, then he or she must also purchase those upsells themselves. This creates a great incentive for those in your organization. For example, if members in your organization do not upgrade membership and purchase these upsell products, then they don't have the right to actually sell these products and memberships themselves.
For example, if someone purchases all the upsells, you will earn $625 in instantaneous commissions and $125 in monthly residual income. However, if you haven't purchased the $500 Costa Rica Intensive Program, then you don't have the right to sell or earn commissions when someone in your organization purchases this program. Those commissions roll up to the next person in your organization who has already purchased this product and has the right to sell it.
About Blogging with Empower Network
Just imagine the authority you'll have online simply because you are now an affiliate with the Empower Network... all because this program has gained authority online. Another plus is that if you wanted to get one of your websites ranked higher, you can utilize Empower Network as a Web 2.0 property, linking it to your website.
With regard to your blog content, you can write basically anything you want to on your Empower Network blog. If you're new to the blogging field and getting websites ranked, then blogging with Empower Network is the most efficient and effective way to get started as a blogger. It is already SEO friendly and the training you will receive from David Wood is priceless.
Joanne Troppello is an author of romantic suspense novels She is married and loves spending time with her husband and family. Joanne and her husband, John own and operate Mustard Seed Marketing Group, LLC, they are Ind. Distributors with Shaklee and they are Empower Network affiliate members. They are network marketing coaches who teach that you don't have to be an SEO guru or a social media specialist to make their system work for you.

How to Sponser More Moms to your Direct Sales business

Direct Sales or Networking Marketing  sponsoring is not difficult when you master the strategies shared in this video. When you discover how easy it is to sponsor more reps into your  home party plan business using the mlm leads you already have, you will rejoice. 

In this mlm sponsoring video, you will learn how to apply the know,like, and trust principle with your leads to get them addicted to joining you in your business.

Using the mlm sponsoring secrets shared in this video, you will be able to sponsor more mlm leads with ease. You will discover that you have already mastered the ability to convert leads into signups already. 

Implementing the mlm sponsoring tips shared in this video will transform your business and help you make more money in your mlm business. 

0:07 mlm sponsoring tips that can help
0:09 convert more of your mlm leads
0:15 make more money in your mlm business
0:22 this mlm sponsoring principle is 
7:50 master mlm sponsoring 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

How to make money using Youtube for your Party Plan Business

Are you looking at making money on YouTube? 
If so listen up, especially if you are in the network marketing/MLM industry and you are struggling at generating leads right now.
Read this article all the way through it's entirety so that I can help you out with that challenge that you are currently facing.
I'm going to show you how I generate free leads off YouTube and a killer, killer, killer strategy.
Now the very first thing that you must do if you are looking at making money on YouTube and generating leads is:
1. Create a customer avatar
The customer avatar is basically your ideal customer. What are their pains? What are their likes, dislikes, struggles, highs, lows, are they married, kids, no kids, where do they work, hobbies, religion, favorite sport, etc?
What keeps them up at night? What couldn't they live without? What's their age, name?What is the main reason they want to make money online or why they are looking to get involved in a network marketing business? You can add yourself with your company logo or some product. 
You have to know this. You have to be intimately involved with your customer. Here is the reason why. Every single video that you put out on YouTube (so you can be "making money on YouTube" obviously), you want to speak to that level of pain. You want to be able to solve whatever challenge they are going through right now.
2. Keyword research
You want to do keyword research on whatever you are going to make the video on. Here's what I personally do. And you want to make sure you follow exactly what I have to say because I generate a lot of leads doing this as well make sales.
I personally target network marketing companies. I target the HOT companies right now. And here's the reason that I target these hot companies, those that are getting attention right now so I can be making money on YouTube hand over fist.
Right now you can make a video on that company and instantaneously it can go viral.
Meaning let's say company XYZ is hot right now. If the right Work at home moms   see it on YouTube, I say the right thing in the video, then the moms  are going to start liking it, commenting on it, and sharing it. The views will go up.
(By the way, that right there is what drives YouTube to place your video generally speaking on the 1st page).
This works because you are standing on the shoulders of giants. Meaning you are using a big name to get views for you.
There's a rule that you need to be aware of even when using this killer strategy. It's called the 80/20 rule. When you use this lead sucking strategy that I am teaching you right now you can't just do one video and think it will pull in a lot of leads.
You have to make a massive amounts of videos so you can generate the leads and ultimately be making money on YouTube. When I implement this strategy the 80/20 rule is still in effect. 80% of my results comes from 20% of my work. So that still means you have to put in the work.
I literally have over 600 videos on the internet right now. And as I mentioned above 80% of my results comes from 20% of my work.
3. What to say in videos
I say a lot of things in my video. If you watched any of them you know I'm telling the truth. The main point though is that I go back to my customer avatar. What are their pains and what are they experiencing right now.
And I know most work at home moms  that are looking to get involved or already in a network marketing opportunity:
  • they are not making any money
  • don't know how to get leads correctly
I know that's the main problem they are having so I keep hitting that pressure point. At the end of the day I know what I am talking about. I know what I am doing. I'm not bragging it just is what it is.

I let people know hey you are either going to listen to me or you are not. It's no sweat off of my back because I have over 600+ videos on the internet right now and the right person is going to see what I am talking about. 
They are going to resonate with what I am saying. And guess what they are going to do? They are going to join me in business because they can tell I know what I am talking about.
That's one way that I create videos and am making money on YouTube. If you really want quality leads and quality work at home mom  joining you in business then make sure you implement this strategy.
If you are nosey and love what I am saying here and want to know more of my killer strategies on making money on YouTube how to get more information about what I am doing then click here immediately.

How to be a WAHM Party Plan Recruiting Superstar

No matter how motivated and energetic you are—even if you're the greatest salesperson on the planet!—as a network marketer (or a party plan work at home mom)  with limited time, there's only so much money you can make without great people to help you sell your products. Recruiting is the life force of any network marketing, multi-level marketing, or party plan business, it lifts the ceiling off your income, the key that will allow you to keep checks rolling in above and beyond what you can do yourself. If you're ready to achieve real financial independence and live a life most people only dream about, recruiting must become your number-one priority.

Be a Recruiting Superstatakes the guesswork out of successful recruiting, letting you in on Mary Christensen's easy-to-master system for finding and training the right people to sell your product or services, and teaching them to do the same. You'll learn how to increase your income exponentially by:

• doing and saying the things that will turn prospects into partners
• overcoming objections with confidence
• attracting people who never considered network marketing
• asking the kind of questions that will have your hottest prospects identifying themselves to you!

Packed with powerful, can't-miss insider tips, this inspiring guide will give you the know-how and confidence to become the network marketing superstar earner you've always wanted to be!

Mary Christensen has more than 25 years of experience in network marketing, having recruited more than 1,000 people in her first year, and later holding executive roles in two multinational network marketing corporations. She is the author of Be a Network Marketing Superstar, and lives in Santa Monica, California.

Here are some reviews 

Easy to read and very informative. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone involved in network marketing . This book offered many tips and insights to take my party plan business to the next level.

The book explains the quickest way to grow your business is to contact those you already have trust built relationships with that you have identified would be successful in the business. She writes "Decide before you start calling whom you are looking for and why this person may be interested in your opportunity. You're looking for a connect. When you approach people you know are right for the business, your prospects will see that you genuinely believe you have something to offer them. Always be ready to say, "I called you because . . ."

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Attract More Hosts And Money for your Wahm party plan business

Check out this video on how to attract more hosts and money for work at home party plan business by using a viral blogging platform such as empower network. here is how one person is doing it. If you are a Scentsy consultant you could blog about local activities in your area including craft shows and more

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vistaprint: 140 Custom Labels for $5 Shipped July 2013

Vistaprint is currently offering customers 140 return address labels for just $5.   These labels can be used for your postcard mailing and many things to do in your home  These labels are also perfect for labeling everything your child owns.  From lunch boxes and diaper bags to  cups and books, these return address labels are not only bright and colorful, but practical as well.
This offer includes free shipping and is valid through Sunday  July 28th.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Build Your Home Party Business to Six Figures in Just 15 Hours Per Week

I Did It, and You Can, Too!, by Susie Nelson, teaches wahm  home party sales consultants the systems, strategies, and business model they need to implement to build a large, productive organization. 

With a proven track record in the home party industry, Susie Nelson set herself apart by creating an organization that produced a six figure residual income for 11 years straight.

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme - instead, you'll learn how to approach your business in such a way that you'll maximize your time and optimize our results.

Susie will teach you how to network your work at home business correctly, why it is critically important to book parties with new hostesses continuously, how to sponsor new home party sales consultants and train them properly, how to reduce your attrition rate and increase production, and many more business strategies.

I have been selling candles 12 years and recently I came across Susie Nelson's as a direct sales  trainer. I have found her instruction credible to a successful work at home  business. This book does not make it complicated to work your business in 15 hours a week and if you follow her simple plan, there should not be a reason for lack of business. This book is basic, easy to read and simple to follow, especially for a new or seasoned Direct Seller. She teaches you to step back to the basics and not make it a science project, which many of us tend to do the longer we sell. As a more laid back personality, I did not find her approach to be an "in your face" or "do it my way" leader. She seems to be able to fit into the mix of personalities that everyone would be able to approach without offending. I would highly recommend her book to anyone who is considering a party plan or currently direct seller.

How Email Marketing can increase your WAHM business sales

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the term, “the money is in the list”. This is partially true. When it comes to  home party plan sales, you can either generate a lead, or lead someone straight to your sales letter page. There’s nothing wrong with either one on the frontend, but when it comes to back end marketing… email marketing is a must.

80% of your total business revenue will most likely  from sales from existing customers and hostesses.   Offline marketers and network marketers have found that if you do a combination of email marketing along with direct mail marketing to your back end customers… you will see a dramatic boost in response from your email marketing efforts.

In today’s lesson, I want to share with you some email marketing tips that you can use to boost your sales and start making money simply and easily. Email marketing is integral in work at home mom business – You need to find a way to get repeat visitors to your website , so that you can boost your parties , and customer relationship. Here’s the first email marketing strategy I want to share:

1) Sign up for an autoresponder

An email autoresponder is simply a program that automatically sends out timely emails to the people who subscribed to your mailing list.

This is just one of the many ways that you can put your marketing on autopilot, so that you can enjoy doing things that you really want to do. All you have to do is populate it with helpful emails - spaced around 3 days a part. Some marketers abuse this notion by emailing you twice a day with nothing but a sales pitch. This is something that disgusts me, and I unsubscribe from people like this all the time. 

Make sure you never spam people like this. They don’t like it, and you won’t get sales if you’re a pest. Here’s another email marketing strategy you can use:

2) Build an email  list from scratch

Never buy or rent an email list. Focus on driving original traffic to your site, and gaining real subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer. This isn’t like offline direct mail marketing where you can go down to the library and get a book called the “SRDS”, and then purchase targeted leads there. No.

Instead, buying email lists are a recipe for disaster. Make sure you’re building your list from the ground up. A list like this is the best way to get sales from your marketing efforts. Use “opt-in” list building, and ask people who attend your parties to sign up. If you do vendor craft shows have a giveaway to get people to sign up for your email list.  You will save alot of time and money by doing so.

Take these 2 email marketing tips and use them in your business today. You can earn alot of sales from these tips, and you will be more efficient with your email marketing activities.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vistaprint - Semi-Annual Sale 2013

 Vistaprint's deals keep getting hotter this summer with a new Semi-Annual Sale! From now until July 22nd, address labels, invitations, t-shirts, photo mugs, iPhone cases, and more are up to 50% off! Prepare for all of your summer networking  with custom invitations with matching address labels, a personalized banner, thank you cards, and maybe a special photo mug or t-shirt as a gift for the host. Need to organize a party at the last minute?

 You can order the supplies and even design a customized shirt for the special guest at Vistaprint, plus you can get it all in just 7 days with free 7-day shipping on orders over $50! Save time with Vistaprint, so you can spend your time those who matter to you.

How to Become a WAHM Scentsy Director Faster

Are you working towards becoming a Scentsy Director? Here's some things you can to do make it to Director faster. Becca Levie Scentsy Independent Super Star Director has a growing multi-million-dollar Direct Sales Organization and can help you build your business even more! 

Even if you are not Scentsy work at home mom you can take Becca's tips on building your own business.  

How To Get Leads Daily From Youtube for WAHM business

Youtube is one of the best traffic sources to get leads and sales for your wahm  business. I've got some of my best leads that later turned into coaching students, customers for products and people who bought whatever I promoted.

Most  moms  who come from youtube are in research mode and learning how to make money online and they're not on many different peoples email lists yet.
So they're new to internet marketing and looking for someone to follow and learn from.

Will that be you?

I'm going to go over a Youtube Marketing Strategy that will allow you to get leads for your business daily.

Youtube Overview

The first thing we want to do is get our videos to rank in the google so we can be found. So we will need to optimize our videos properly.

Besides ranking our videos we need to use call to actions in our video to get them to do what we want to achieve.

Example: Click the link below the video, Subscribe to my channel, Visit my website below the video.

You always need to tell your view what you want them to do.

How to optimize your video

Keyword as the name of the video- You need to name the video on your hard drive the name of the keyword.

Keyword in the title- Make sure to put your keyword in the title of the video. You want to make it look as natural as possible, but the keyword should be at the start.  Add your direct sales company name.  

Keyword in the description- Put the keyword as the beginning of your description and then sprinkled throughout the description.

Keyword in the tags- You should put keyword and relevant keywords in the tags to tell youtube what the video is about. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to earn more with Empower Network Wahm business opportunity

Here are five quick tips that can potentially help you succeed big time on Empower Network (EN).
First of all, let me be upfront with you. I do not guarantee the results you will be getting because it really depends on the effort you put in to make it work. What I do promise is these are the fundamental (but very important!) actions every successful Internet Marketer will take to profit in their online businesses.
Anyhow, for the less informed, here is a brief introduction to what Empower Network is about:
Empower Network is a Blogging System & Education platform that teaches Internet Marketers and Network Marketers how to generate leads and traffic through various methods of marketing online.
One of the key reasons to The Empower Network's outstanding success is the fact that they provide their affiliates and students a complete personal blog on their authority domain and high-converting marketing funnel system.
You can earn 100% commissions for literally all of their products, except the $3,500 Master Class module.
So if you are in Empower Network, or you're in any sort of online business, these tips might just be what you are looking for!
Tip #1: Blog everyday (30 min)
That is right. You have probably heard this many times. Blog everyday to get SEO traffic. Te guideline is to write about 400 to 500 quality content on anything, preferably on a niche topic you're specialised in. Usually, topics revolving personal development, leadership, internet marketing techniques, and sales techniques will suffice for a long time. When you share what you teach, you learn better too!
Tip #2: Market everyday (1 hours)
Dave Wood, the co-founder of Empower Network emphasized (still do!) a lot on marketing everyday. The key is to drive traffic! Remember the formula for any online business looks like this:
Traffic x Conversions = Sales
What are some ways to market daily?
  • Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Write in EzineArticles to backlink to your own blog
  • Guest-blogging in other websites
  • Submit your website to directories
  • Post ads on Free Classifieds, e.g. Craiglists, GumTree, etc.
  • Buy solo ads
  • Build link pyramid
Do you know you can outsource all these works? Think Elance, Odesk, Fiverr, etc.
Tip #3: Learn everyday (1 hour)
Read everyday. A leader is a reader.
Share with others everyday.
Try creating a YouTube channel and share your knowledge! Make a screencast if you do not wish to reveal your face. Speak weekly as if you are speaking to a 'live' audience and test if you do not improve in your public speaking ability.
There is no better way to become an expert by being an expert by practicing what experts do.
Tip #4: Be accountable (30 min)
If you have not been in touch with your sponsor, or any of your money/business mentor, get one, please.
I know of two ways to gain insight and wisdom. They are through:
  1. mistakes
  2. mentors
Get a mentor. It shaves you some time for more life. After all, the slogan for EN is 'Building a business while having a life".
Another way to be accountable is to set up a Facebook group and regularly update your group members what you learn and share the resources you find for everyone to succeed as a team.
Tip #5: Press On (ongoing)
Persevere. Recently, I saw a video whom a 12-year old kid made $12,000 in 4 months with EN. If he could do it, so can many of us! If you have not known, the co-founders of EN are made up of dropouts and the less-likely-to-be-rich in most people's eyes.
Many times, when you are about to give up, that is when you are almost there. Think... You are just 'three feet above the gold'. Keep digging.
Hold up.
I'm not saying a blind persevering. What I am saying is if somebody has succeeded (in this case, many!), then it must be possible!
If you are not getting results yet, then keep tweaking. Press on.
Oh how sweet the rewards will be when you finally reap the harvest you have been sowing!
Alright, I hope this article has been encouraging and helpful to you. While I hope to share more ideas with you here, I figured it is best that you follow through on these principles and actions.
Should you be interested on more tips like this, follow me on my personal blog and trace yourself to my EN blog. I want you to succeed!
To your business success!
Peter Low
P.s. Never doubt you can be a Success Dynamo.
Peter Low is a writer/blogger who specializes on writing education resources on Internet Marketing. You can check out his website at Peter Low's Personal Blog where he provides unreserved education on personal growth, including topics such as Why I Join Empower Network and more.

How to Sell More Mia Bella Candles

As a Mia Bella candles distributor you no doubt have tried all of the traditional ways to sell Mia Bella candles. You've done open houses, parties, fundraisers, boutiques, and smell and sell and you've had some success but you will still like to sell even more candles. How exactly do you do this?
Here are seven creative ways to sell more Mia Bella candles: 

1. Create a gift basket or a package with a Mia Bella candle and other products inside. The options here are endless. You can create packages such as a candle with some lotion or room spray, a candle and a bar of soap, a candle and a teddy bear or even candles with food items, popcorn or movie tickets just to give you a few ideas.
2. Use votive candles to make flowers or other craft items. You can also put ribbons, bows, stickers and other craft related items on the jar candles as well. When using clever and cute packaging people will be drawn to your products and be more likely to want to buy than if you just offer them a plain jar candle.
3. Dress up in a costume or wear a clever and catchy outfit. You can do this on Halloween or even at other times of the year as well. For example, I dressed up as a candle for Halloween one year and I got lots of attention and made some sales. Sure, I felt a bit goofy but hey it worked.
4. Identify the kinds of people, the professions and the target markets of people who buy more candles than the rest of the general population. Make a list of these people. Then write down all of the places where you can locate these people. Then take it a step further and create an action plan to contact and to connect with these people and to offer them your candles.
5. Schedule an online party. You can use to send out online invitations for free. Invite everyone you know and everyone you have in your email inbox and your Facebook and twitter audiences to attend your online party. Plan well ahead and be well prepared with your presentation. Play games and make it fun just like a regular offline party.
6. Take a look at the names of some of the scents and come up with some clever ideas for promoting the various scents. For example, you could sell the Pumpkin Cheesecake candle with a pumpkin cheesecake or the Mulled Cider scent with some actual cider.
7. Give out samples of popular scents or scents with clever names with creative flyers, cards or other promotional material. You can even take it a step further and include a coupon with it for a discount on that scent.
There are lots of ways to successfully sell Mia Bella candles and if you are short on ideas, be creative and you will think of ways to make more sales.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Customized Labels from Vistaprint for your WAHM business

140 customized labels from Vistaprint are only $5 shipped—only $0.04 per label! This is great for sending out  postcards or letters for your  home based business. 

To kick off the season of summer BBQs, family reunions, neighborhood block parties, housewarmings, and summer weddings, Vistaprint brought back a favorite deal for multi-purpose labels for all of your needs! Save time addressing invitations to your summer events by using personalized address labels with beach balls, beachy scenes, or BBQs. Looking for something small for new parents? Customize a set to announce their new baby with the name, birth date, and weight or even create labels for baby foods or toys.

Now that some of your new grads are getting ready to head off to college, design tags to label and number boxes or “Property of” labels so nothing gets lost during the big move. Or if you’re planning a vacation, thank your neighbors for checking on your house by giving them some home-cooked treats and easily create a gift tag or food label for your present. Just choose your favorite design from a gallery of templates (or even upload your own design or picture), then customize them for any occasion and pay only $5 with shipping included! Hurry, this offer ends on Friday, June 14!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Promoting Your Wahm Home Business Using Youtube

Are you using Youtube for marketing your home business opportunity?  If so, then you’re making a great decision. I think Youtube is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your business for both new customers as well your downline . Youtube is a social networking hub that people visit to view videos on all sorts of subjects. It doesn't matter what party plan business  you’re in, you too can use Youtube to have marketing success.

The first thing that you should do is upload your videos to Youtube. By uploading your viral video, you’re making it possible for the world to see your creation. It’s like a thing of beauty in a sense. By uploading your video, you’re making it possible for others to view your creation and it will for you to be a popular sensation on the net.

I’m sure you’ve heard of stories of people uploading their Youtube video and getting millions of hits. This can be your success story too. The trick to offer information that people will find worthwhile. There are all kinds of videos to create, but the best ones include you speaking on the video.

The majority of the videos that get the most hits on Youtube are music videos. They can easily get millions of hits because people see it on TV and automatically assume that it will be on Youtube. So they go there and make a direct search for this video. People will more than likely not find your video in the same way. To get your videos found, you will have to do keyword optimization to get found.

Keyword optimization is easy. You should probably do a little background research about search engine optimization and how websites get ranked in Google. Yeah there are two other major search engines (Yahoo and Bing), but Google gets the bulk of the web traffic online - so you will want to focus your attention on it.

Now I mentioned keyword optimization. All you’re doing here is selecting the best keywords that will allow your videos to get found. So if you’re creating a video about lipstick  beauty tips, some of your keywords should be “beauty”, “how to apply lipstick ”,, or o”, “lipstick  secrets”, and etc.  If you

After you’ve done your keyword research, it’s now time to write out your description. One thing that you should do is lead with your website address in your description. You will want to do this so that it will be easier for users to click on your link instead of having to type it into their search bar.

Even though you will have your URL in your description, it’s best to put it on the bottom of your video also. This link won’t be clickable, but it can still drive traffic to your website. You never know when someone will take your video and host it on their website - so keep that in mind.

What that being said, I think it’s safe to say that Youtube is an awesome medium for marketing your products and services. Hopefully you will use it today to further increase your sales and profits.

Good luck with marketing on Youtube.

Perfectly Posh Beauty Work at Home Mom Business Opportunity

Perfectly Posh is company that features Purely Pampering Products that you'll be proud to wear and share. Perfectly Posh launched on October 1, 2011 and we are growing fast. We are so eager to share our fun and creative, USA-made brand with you. If you're looking for a unique business opportunity, consider just $99 plus tax and shipping gets you everything you need to start your own Perfectly Posh business

Earn income with Pampering Products! It’s a fact: more and more people are looking for ways to make ends meet now. Perfectly Posh is a fun and flexible business opportunity that can help you do just that.

For a low price, you can get everything you need to start a business of your own sharing high-quality pampering products.

• It’s your business, set your own hours
• Generous commissions paid on full retail sales
• Comes with everything you need to begin
• Lots of unique, high-quality products
• Great corporate support
• Minimal business rules let you be flexible

• Rapid growth and real opportunity

* Marketing & Branding: You can purchase marketing tools from the Posh Portal. We try to offer you the quality, affordable tools to help you be branded beautifully. We also offer a large assortment of tools and images available for download. You're welcome to create and share your own marketing materials at Perfectly Posh. Please always use the Independent Consultant logo, and be sure you clearly identify yourself as an independent representative of our company. See our ever-growing options at
* Activity Policy: To remain active with Perfectly Posh you only need to sell $300 in personal sales during the six-month periods between January to June and then again from July to December. To help you get off to a simple start, you're exempt this activity requirement during the 6-month period when you join Perfectly Posh.

* Fair & Shows: There are not restrictions on the number of Perfectly Posh Consultants attending any given event. We encourage you to talk about and share our Pampering Products with all who attend. Perfectly Posh simply asks you to follow the guidelines of individual event organizers and represent Perfectly Posh in a positive light. We ask you to respect any other vendors you participate with regardless of the company they are representing. Your fair or show is a wonderful way to get visibility to your business, and cash and carry products. Events are limited to not more than 30 consecutive days.