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How to make money on your down line recruiting by asking the right questions

Whether in traditional corporate America, building a sales force for your department, or in the network marketing profession, if you are a recruiter, being good at closing the deal is an art, and an indispensable skill one must develop and master. This simple, easy to practice and remember, Four Question Recruiting Close (4QRC) is among the best techniques I've ever been taught. I've used it to great advantage, as well as trained other recruiting professionals to use it effectively. For the purposes of this article, I will focus mainly on the best wording to use if you are recruiting for your home based business, or, as is becoming the buzzword these days in the MLM profession, your "relationship marketing" business. This will work for any home party plan business.
Before asking the four questions, start with "The Set-Up"... after a presentation of your business opportunity, ask your prospect this:
"Let me ask you, (person's first name), on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, no interest at all, and 10 being the highest, very interested and excited, where would you say you are right now with regard to this opportunity?"
Note: Any number 5 or above is good enough-worth your time to take them through the 4QRC. If the number you get is between 2 and 4, fear not, you still have a viable prospect, but there is a different set of questions you will use to move him or her further up the scale of interest, and some procedural steps to follow up with, getting the prospect into a posture more conducive to a close situation. That set of questions I will offer in another article soon to come. For now, let's assume Joe or Joanne Prospect has responded with a 5 or higher number, and you move on to...
Question #1:
"Based on what you've just seen (or heard, or both, depending on the type of presentation you've given), if you were to get started with this company, even on a part-time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn on a monthly basis to make it worth your time?"
Whatever the answer is, agree with it. Unless it is some outlandishly unreasonable number, at least for a newbie to the business, to expect as in any way possible, smile, nod, and say, "Great!" Then move on...
Question #2:
"Okay then, (person's first name), and how many hours a week could you commit to developing that kind of income?"
Here, any number 1 or higher will work. A very high income requirement coupled with an extremely low time commitment is of course a challenge, but you are the expert, the professional and, if you know your business well, and have a well-trained aptitude for maximizing your company's sales tools, you should be able to show a prospect how to make those two expectations come together as a possibility. I've built several large organizations with different companies, and even a one hour per week commitment-if it is a laser-focused, high energy, fearless hour of effort-can produce amazing results. So you again smile, nod, and move on...
Question #3:
"How many months would you be willing to work (their number) hours per week to develop that kind of income?"
Again, you don't want to disagree with any answer, even if you know from experience that the prospect has no clue of the relative absurdity of his or her expectations. Better to agree, with any response you get, smile, nod, and move on. Now pay attention. You have the prospect right where you want him or her. They have given you their numbers, what they need, in order for them to find it worthwhile to join your business. You use their own numbers, as you present the all important...
Question #4:
"(Person's first name), if I could show you how to develop an income of (use their number) a month, working just (use their number) hours per week over the course of (use their number) months, would you be ready to get started?"
Do you see the svelte elegance of this sequence of questions? Each step of the way, you have asked, and been given, everything the prospect wants and needs in order for your business opportunity to be a good, and logical, choice to make: that being deciding to join your business-if... you can now show how it is possible.
All that remains for you to do now, is simply go over the compensation plan with your prospect, and show him or her how, and let's use these numbers as an example, he or she could earn $1,000 per month, working just 6 to 8 hours per week, over the course of 12 months. Again, you do have to be well versed in your company's comp plan, know the tools, know the events scheduled, and offer your personal assistance in helping the recruit to achieve the stated goal, and one more thing I highly exhort you to do.
Have true stories to tell of how so-and-so in just the same situation you, (first name), are in right now. Keep in mind-and help your prospect also to put things in perspective-where else, but with your business opportunity, could someone expect, with no prior training, no degree specific to the new career, to earn an additional X amount of dollars per month, working just X hours per week, for only X number of months? An extra $500, $1,000, $2,000, or more, working part time for a year or less? Think about it. It is about as possible as the likelihood of hitting the lottery. But with your company it is very possible, using the very numbers your prospect has given you. Show them the plan, and tell them stories they can relate to. And a special note here: they have to be true stories! Real selling comes from the heart - it has to be sincere and believed by you.
Be it a single mom working a full time job and barely making ends meet; or a fast-moving, successful but frazzled-and-tired-of-the-rat-race corporate exec, doctor, or lawyer; or an 18 year old college student unable to afford to take his girlfriend out on a nice date, or... you name it: have stories to tell, showing the prospect that others in the same situation they are in right now have achieved the success they desired working just X amount of hours per week over X amount of months. Remember, this:
Facts tell, but stories sell.
In the end, if you move your prospect through this sequence of questions, and skillfully show him or her how to make it not only possible, but most probably attainable, given their commitment to follow through with the time and effort that he or she has already told you is doable... in most cases you will close the deal, and you will be congratulating your new business partner and welcoming him or her to the A-Team.

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