Monday, May 13, 2013

Rodan + Fields Skin Care Home Business Opportunity

A legacy of transformation.
Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields revolutionized the treatment of acne and transformed the infomercial business model with the creation of Proactiv® Solution. These dermatologists and successful entrepreneurs have changed the lives of millions. Now you have the chance to work at home with these great doctors with their new products.

They are doing it again.
Rodan + Fields’ mission is to bring dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone. With Rodan + Fields, looking good and feeling confident has never been easier and it's all possible without a trip to the dermatologist's office. Our products are clinically proven to deliver on their promises and this has lead to a large and loyal customer base. To support this mission, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have partnered with Independent Consultants around the country like me. Imagine if you had been asked to partner with the doctors when they created Proactiv Solution.

A direct selling opportunity with a four star reputation.
Rodan + Fields is positioned to transform the direct selling channel. We boast a brand report card unlike any other. Inherent in the Rodan + Fields Business System is the reputation of two of the most highly regarded leaders in the world of skincare. We market clinically-proven products to address the broad spectrum of skin concerns facing people today. We have a generous matrix compensation plan that is unique in the value it places on customers. We also have an impressive Information Technology backbone to support our Consultants’ growing businesses online. These are all assets that support you as you build your individual enterprises.

Do you have an appliance or tool that you use that makes your life easier or saves you money or time (Keurig, iPhone, etc) What if you could have been one of the first to distribute one of these products, and it was only available through you? Rodan + Fields is allowing us that opportunity. 
Rodan + Fields is redefining anti-­?aging skincare and is committed to own a good portion of the soon to be $5billion anti-­?aging skincare market, and to create their next billion dollar global brand. Now, with our newly launched Macro Exfoliator we’ve entered into another $3 billion market with at home skincare tools. This is why we are looking for fun, friendly people to partner with us as we expand our business. You can partner with Rodan + Fields as they create their next global empire!

This is a turnkey business—no home  parties, no stocking of inventory, you set your own hours and pace. You simply leverage the doctor’s legacy brand, and the resources of our multi-million dollar corporation. You get to profit with your own home based business.   This is great business for work at home moms.
You simply share your passion for the products with your network, they sign up for the business or products online and you earn continually on the work you did upfront as they reorder the products, and get the best skin of your life. We have an incredible pay plan with excellent upfront bonuses, that allow you to be profitable month one, all while building long term residual income. With R+F we don’t just get paid, we get recognized, through exciting incentives like a free Lexus and fabulous trips too!
The best part is positioning and timing! You can be among the first to take the lead as expand here in this market, across the country, and we will eventually go global! Historically, this is where many great success stories are created in our profession! Because of the branding and timing of the company, and the economy, we are experiencing triple digit growth each year (and we had triple digit growth in the number of six figure income earners last year in the company); and are one of the fastest growing direct selling companies today. It’s because of this growth that we are seeing exciting success stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results!

We have many options to get you started with your own business and have a proven plan to help you earn back your investment and be profitable within your first 30-60 days. We have an amazing support team and resources to get you up and running as soon as your kit arrives.

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