Friday, May 24, 2013

The Dice Game - A Direct Selling Home Party Game for moms

The Dice Game - A Direct Selling Home Party Game  is a party game that you can play to increase sales and book another show from your guests whether you are selling candles, beauty products or kitchen items.

Supplies needed:

One pair of dice
11 cards with envelopes numbered 2-12
3,4,5,12- WIN A PRIZE
6,7,8,9,10,11- BOOK A SHOW
and Several goodie bags (I put a small gift like a Body  Lotion or Scent Circles, etc..)
Here's how to play:
Ask, "Who here likes to gamble? Great because I've got a gambling game for
 you! The game is optional to play, but you will win something for  playing every time. The way the game works is you roll the dice and you  get the coordinating envelope for the number you roll." (For example, if  they roll a 3 and a 2 they get envelope #5.) "Inside each envelope is a  prize. In one envelope it says GRAND PRIZE which is ________ (hold it  up for them to see...if you don't have the item, show them a picture of it  in the catalog.)
Some of the envelopes say WIN A PRIZE. If you get this envelope, you  will get a goodie bag to take home tonight. The rest of the envelopes  have the best prize it them...they say BOOK A SHOW! Now, the catch is  whatever envelope you get, you have to follow through. So, if you get  grand prize, you have to take home the grand prize. If you get Book a  show, you have to book a show from one of my special dates. (Try to have some date cards available within the next 4 weeks )   And just so you know, having a Scentsy party is so easy. All you do is  give me a guest list and I send out the invitations for you. Also, if  you provide phone numbers, I will even give your friends a reminder call  for you! And then you reap all the rewards by getting loads of FREE  products! So, do I have any takers?"
Let them roll the dice and take their envelopes, but tell them not to  open the envelopes yet. After everyone that wants to has rolled, tell  them, "Okay, I have a deal to make with you. (Hold up an item from your  display, like a bar or fragrance foam or something small) You can,  regardless of what your envelope says, without even looking, go ahead  and book a show. If you do so, you will get a free "item" like this one  at your show AND you will still get the prize that is in your envelope.  Again, you will be helping "current host" out, and earning lots  of free stuff for yourself." Let them decide what to do. Coax them  along by reminding them they have a chance of getting book a show in  their envelope and this way they get the FREE gift anyway for booking.  After everyone has decided whether or not to make the deal for the FREE  gift, let them open their envelopes. Give prizes to those that earned  them and book the shows of the people that made the deal or got it in  their envelope. Make sure you book the show 

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