Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thirty One Bags Home Party Business Opportunity for Moms

Thirty-One bags is a great home business opportunity.  31 products  offers so many items that help in organizing your life in a fun, classy and stylish way and allows you to enjoy all the things you want, with everything in its place!  We offer thermals for picnics, totes for carrying anything you need, baskets and containers and the list goes on.  So many colors and patterns with embroidery and designs for everyone in your life!

This business is amazing to be a part of. You earn money, products, a fantastic group of friends from all over the country and huge flexibility to create your own hours. To start your own business, the cost is currently only   $99 and you will be on your way!  You can host a great home party because everyone loves handbags and totes.  New moms will want a diaper bag tote while moms going to the beach will have a large beach bag tote and career professional moms will want 
Thousands of women across the country have changed their lives for the better through 31 business opportunity  These women are just a few great examples of that. Each of these ladies is a member of our “Circle of Honor,” which is what we call the women who have been featured in one of our past Catalogs.
Read their inspiring stories, and if you think this opportunity might be right for you, ask a Consultant for information about joining her team.
Here is  one story 
When I chose to join Thirty-One, I had a specific need of $764 to earn so I could have the heat turned back on in my home. I never imagined that a $99 investment could turn into the career it has for me.
Over the past five years, my life and what I'm able to provide for my sons have been completely transformed. I went from being a single mother struggling to provide each month to a leader of hundreds of women with limitless options for my future. This past year, I was able to establish college funds for my boys, purchase my childhood dream home in the heart of my hometown, and pay forward to those who helped us when we were struggling. I am in awe each and every day as I continue to experience opportunities I did not know could exist as a single mom.
Outside of the financial benefits, the truly authentic friendships I’ve made through Thirty-One are what I value the most. On any given day, I can pick up the phone and say to one of my friends, “Hey, I'm coming to see you!" On the other line I always hear, “I'll have a room ready for you!” I’ve been abundantly blessed with amazing sisters across the map.

For more information on the 31 handbag and totes business opportunity click here  

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