Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Build Your Home Party Business to Six Figures in Just 15 Hours Per Week

I Did It, and You Can, Too!, by Susie Nelson, teaches wahm  home party sales consultants the systems, strategies, and business model they need to implement to build a large, productive organization. 

With a proven track record in the home party industry, Susie Nelson set herself apart by creating an organization that produced a six figure residual income for 11 years straight.

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme - instead, you'll learn how to approach your business in such a way that you'll maximize your time and optimize our results.

Susie will teach you how to network your work at home business correctly, why it is critically important to book parties with new hostesses continuously, how to sponsor new home party sales consultants and train them properly, how to reduce your attrition rate and increase production, and many more business strategies.

I have been selling candles 12 years and recently I came across Susie Nelson's as a direct sales  trainer. I have found her instruction credible to a successful work at home  business. This book does not make it complicated to work your business in 15 hours a week and if you follow her simple plan, there should not be a reason for lack of business. This book is basic, easy to read and simple to follow, especially for a new or seasoned Direct Seller. She teaches you to step back to the basics and not make it a science project, which many of us tend to do the longer we sell. As a more laid back personality, I did not find her approach to be an "in your face" or "do it my way" leader. She seems to be able to fit into the mix of personalities that everyone would be able to approach without offending. I would highly recommend her book to anyone who is considering a party plan or currently direct seller.

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