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How to earn more with Empower Network Wahm business opportunity

Here are five quick tips that can potentially help you succeed big time on Empower Network (EN).
First of all, let me be upfront with you. I do not guarantee the results you will be getting because it really depends on the effort you put in to make it work. What I do promise is these are the fundamental (but very important!) actions every successful Internet Marketer will take to profit in their online businesses.
Anyhow, for the less informed, here is a brief introduction to what Empower Network is about:
Empower Network is a Blogging System & Education platform that teaches Internet Marketers and Network Marketers how to generate leads and traffic through various methods of marketing online.
One of the key reasons to The Empower Network's outstanding success is the fact that they provide their affiliates and students a complete personal blog on their authority domain and high-converting marketing funnel system.
You can earn 100% commissions for literally all of their products, except the $3,500 Master Class module.
So if you are in Empower Network, or you're in any sort of online business, these tips might just be what you are looking for!
Tip #1: Blog everyday (30 min)
That is right. You have probably heard this many times. Blog everyday to get SEO traffic. Te guideline is to write about 400 to 500 quality content on anything, preferably on a niche topic you're specialised in. Usually, topics revolving personal development, leadership, internet marketing techniques, and sales techniques will suffice for a long time. When you share what you teach, you learn better too!
Tip #2: Market everyday (1 hours)
Dave Wood, the co-founder of Empower Network emphasized (still do!) a lot on marketing everyday. The key is to drive traffic! Remember the formula for any online business looks like this:
Traffic x Conversions = Sales
What are some ways to market daily?
  • Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Write in EzineArticles to backlink to your own blog
  • Guest-blogging in other websites
  • Submit your website to directories
  • Post ads on Free Classifieds, e.g. Craiglists, GumTree, etc.
  • Buy solo ads
  • Build link pyramid
Do you know you can outsource all these works? Think Elance, Odesk, Fiverr, etc.
Tip #3: Learn everyday (1 hour)
Read everyday. A leader is a reader.
Share with others everyday.
Try creating a YouTube channel and share your knowledge! Make a screencast if you do not wish to reveal your face. Speak weekly as if you are speaking to a 'live' audience and test if you do not improve in your public speaking ability.
There is no better way to become an expert by being an expert by practicing what experts do.
Tip #4: Be accountable (30 min)
If you have not been in touch with your sponsor, or any of your money/business mentor, get one, please.
I know of two ways to gain insight and wisdom. They are through:
  1. mistakes
  2. mentors
Get a mentor. It shaves you some time for more life. After all, the slogan for EN is 'Building a business while having a life".
Another way to be accountable is to set up a Facebook group and regularly update your group members what you learn and share the resources you find for everyone to succeed as a team.
Tip #5: Press On (ongoing)
Persevere. Recently, I saw a video whom a 12-year old kid made $12,000 in 4 months with EN. If he could do it, so can many of us! If you have not known, the co-founders of EN are made up of dropouts and the less-likely-to-be-rich in most people's eyes.
Many times, when you are about to give up, that is when you are almost there. Think... You are just 'three feet above the gold'. Keep digging.
Hold up.
I'm not saying a blind persevering. What I am saying is if somebody has succeeded (in this case, many!), then it must be possible!
If you are not getting results yet, then keep tweaking. Press on.
Oh how sweet the rewards will be when you finally reap the harvest you have been sowing!
Alright, I hope this article has been encouraging and helpful to you. While I hope to share more ideas with you here, I figured it is best that you follow through on these principles and actions.
Should you be interested on more tips like this, follow me on my personal blog and trace yourself to my EN blog. I want you to succeed!
To your business success!
Peter Low
P.s. Never doubt you can be a Success Dynamo.
Peter Low is a writer/blogger who specializes on writing education resources on Internet Marketing. You can check out his website at Peter Low's Personal Blog where he provides unreserved education on personal growth, including topics such as Why I Join Empower Network and more.

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