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New WAHM Home Party Plan Business Trends

Network is gaining renewed momentum as new MLM companies are starting to mushroom in the industry. After recession, many networks have withstood the tests of global financial crisis. These networks have in fact been in the market for decades. Established ones, such as Avon and Amway, have continued to pursue business gaining recruits and distributors around the globe as if they have not been unduly affected by the economic down trends. As the economies of giant nations are recovering in the year 2013, new MLM companies are also starting to gain strength along with tested networks.
Health and Beauty Products Never Run Out of Consumers
New party plan  companies as well as established ones are popular for distributing beauty products, health and wellness products and household items. Their products are very popular because everyone knows the importance of looking and feeling good. Many individuals are also seeking for ways to stay healthy and fit not only to look good but to avoid losing productivity due to illness and diseases. Health and wellness videos and educational materials and nutritional supplements are increasing in demand alongside beauty regimens and anti-aging creams.
New MLM companies are also following suit after the huge success of multi-level companies that sell cosmetics and beauty products such as Avon, Mary Kay and Amway. New companies are finding the beauty industry very lucrative because the demand for the products is always there. There is also a growing trend of males using beauty products along with women. Teens are also becoming very meticulous in there looks.
New MLM companies are also gaining many recruits, distributors and consumers that ensure a solid business structure because the products are really affordable compared to equipment and clothing. Advertising and demonstration of the use of the products are also very viral making the products easy to market.
Food and Household Products Are Must-Haves
Food and household products  are also increasingly gaining popularity among new MLM companies. The products are must-haves in many homes and kitchens because of their practical use. A solid base of consumers accounts to women who run households such as mothers.
Studies further show that around 87% of distributors are women. An increased number of women are also able to buy their items. In America alone, 50% of mothers have purchasing power. Mothers and women can seek income even when they only work part-time. Food and household products are always close to many women's hearts. These products help make household chores easier. Women are more empowered if they have these products as allies in their household because they are afforded extra time for other endeavours.
It is not true that MLM is running out of relevance in the market. The popularity of established MLM companies that operate in many territories around the globe is a testament of the need for network marketing. They compete with other companies that do not operate using the MLM business model. The rise of new MLM companies that abound the market in 2012 and 2013 also goes to show that MLM is as relevant as before. And even more relevant.
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How to start a WAHM Online Coaching Business

What if you discovered how to start an online coaching business? Do you want to know how to start an online coaching business staying at your home? 

The purpose of this article is to make you understand that you can start earning from home by just coaching students who may or may not be able go out of their home for studying. Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 - Provide training

You can start making money online by starting your online coaching business. Your expertise knowledge is the only essential requirement for doing it. You can start providing training sessions to individuals. It is very beneficial for individuals also as they can ask questions to their trainer without any hesitation and for that they will get personalized answers. Many times people don’t ask questions in front of the other classmates in case of classroom coaching. But in online coaching they can clear as many doubts they have in their mind.

Step 2 – Teaching sessions
You can also start your online coaching business by teaching lessons online. You can provide tutoring  to individual student eliminating the travelling part. Teaching lessons can be done according to your knowledge as both school goers and college goers want some assistance. For starting online coaching business through teaching syllabus you just need to apply with e-learning website as a tutor. 

After application you need to undergo a certification test and then get started with your teaching activity. Once you making students understand their syllabus well and gain popularity online you can also start giving lectures, webinars etc. Students also find interesting to learn through watching videos and applications.

Step 3 – Coaching for competitive exams

Today there are many competitive exams in each and every field. Many students just aim to crack this exam to build their career. Because of this huge demand there are many coaching institutes who try to explore this market.    You can online tutor for college admission like the SAT or ACT. 

But due to lack of quality teachers and quality institutions, students do not get the desired results. If you excel in any subject from medical, management courses or engineering, you can just provide coaching online to crack the exams. You can start your own online coaching business and start making students understand the subject well.

Step 4 – Providing tutors 
As many parents do not have much time to spend with their children or give attention to their studies, they prefer to provide tutors  to their children. But many schools have already started to use an innovative technique to make students understand things in a better manner. They use PowerPoint presentations, sketches etc to make sessions interactive. Students these days do not favor going out of their home for tutors  and so like staying at home and study through the tutors online. Online coaching business has a great scope as the travelling risk is also eliminated.

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Should a Work at Home Mom join the Empower Network?

With the amount of online wahm business  opportunities out there these days, how can you wade through all the scams and find a genuinely legitimate way to make money online from the comfort of your own home? Empower Network is one of the most recent and best new programs to make money online-this program was created by David Wood and David Sharpe.
To get a thumbnail sketch, Empower Network utilizes a viral blogging platform. However, it goes much deeper than that. It is an awesome opportunity to expand your current network marketing business, or even to jump in as a newbie blogger and simply make money by blogging online.
What are the details of Empower Network?
David Wood and David Sharpe launched Empower Network on October 31, 2011. It is a young company, yet extremely effective in making their over 13,000 paying members residual commissions in excess of $2 million... this occurred only 2 months after the launch. How awesome is that! Empower Network has seen such tremendous growth in its infant stages--according to Alexa, it's already ranked as the 324th largest website- can only a work at home mom  surmise that it's going to explode into further rapid growth in the ensuing months.
Basic membership with Empower Network is only $25 each month. That low price gives you access to the viral blogging platform, which is based on It's a very user-friendly blogging system... even for those who have never used the WordPress system.
So, how will you make money as a member with Empower Network?
The Empower Network system is a viral blogging platform which utilizes social media buttons on the website. You have access to sharing it on those social media platforms, as well as utilizing other simple and free methods to drive traffic to your Empower Network blog site. When someone visits your blog and clicks on any of the top or sidebar banners, they'll immediately be taken to one of your affiliate specific capture pages. The prospects can then watch a short informational video and if they join, they do so under your affiliate link and you'll earn a monthly commission. This funnel, which was created by David Wood, has an 80% conversion rate.
This program is highly effective and appealing because of members getting paid 100% commissions. This is huge, especially as compared to the majority of other network marketing affiliate programs. Commissions are sent directly into members' bank accounts. The beauty of this system is that for anyone you specifically refer, including those who randomly stumble upon your blog site-and these prospects decide to buy the basic membership, you will get $25 sent directly to your bank account.
In addition, this program, utilizes a compensation structure plan which will help you maintain completely active members in your organization, no matter what level they decide to start at.
Take a look at how it works...
Your first sale with Empower Network goes directly to you. The 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every successive 5th sale go to the affiliate member who referred you to the program or to their sponsor. As more prospects join your organization, you will earn commissions from those members just like your sponsor above you earns from your membership. Over time, this can accumulate into a good deal of money in your bank account.
The Opportunity only gets better...
Empower Network offers its members, added incentives. There is more to the program than simply the basic $25 per month membership. Affiliate members can sell other upsell products which members in their organization can buy.
The next level of upsell products is The Empower Network Inner Circle. This is a powerful audio training tool from various members and other marketers, who are earning over 6 figures yearly. This program costs $100 per month.
There is yet another upsell product which is the Costa Rica Intensive Program. This program is the in-depth video training from a seminar which David Wood presented in Costa Rica. This program cost $3,000 for those in attendance, yet it only costs members an additional, one-time $500 fee. Wow a great deal for WAHMs! 
If members want to sell the upsells and earn commissions on those, then he or she must also purchase those upsells themselves. This creates a great incentive for those in your organization. For example, if members in your organization do not upgrade membership and purchase these upsell products, then they don't have the right to actually sell these products and memberships themselves.
For example, if someone purchases all the upsells, you will earn $625 in instantaneous commissions and $125 in monthly residual income. However, if you haven't purchased the $500 Costa Rica Intensive Program, then you don't have the right to sell or earn commissions when someone in your organization purchases this program. Those commissions roll up to the next person in your organization who has already purchased this product and has the right to sell it.
About Blogging with Empower Network
Just imagine the authority you'll have online simply because you are now an affiliate with the Empower Network... all because this program has gained authority online. Another plus is that if you wanted to get one of your websites ranked higher, you can utilize Empower Network as a Web 2.0 property, linking it to your website.
With regard to your blog content, you can write basically anything you want to on your Empower Network blog. If you're new to the blogging field and getting websites ranked, then blogging with Empower Network is the most efficient and effective way to get started as a blogger. It is already SEO friendly and the training you will receive from David Wood is priceless.
Joanne Troppello is an author of romantic suspense novels She is married and loves spending time with her husband and family. Joanne and her husband, John own and operate Mustard Seed Marketing Group, LLC, they are Ind. Distributors with Shaklee and they are Empower Network affiliate members. They are network marketing coaches who teach that you don't have to be an SEO guru or a social media specialist to make their system work for you.

How to Sponser More Moms to your Direct Sales business

Direct Sales or Networking Marketing  sponsoring is not difficult when you master the strategies shared in this video. When you discover how easy it is to sponsor more reps into your  home party plan business using the mlm leads you already have, you will rejoice. 

In this mlm sponsoring video, you will learn how to apply the know,like, and trust principle with your leads to get them addicted to joining you in your business.

Using the mlm sponsoring secrets shared in this video, you will be able to sponsor more mlm leads with ease. You will discover that you have already mastered the ability to convert leads into signups already. 

Implementing the mlm sponsoring tips shared in this video will transform your business and help you make more money in your mlm business. 

0:07 mlm sponsoring tips that can help
0:09 convert more of your mlm leads
0:15 make more money in your mlm business
0:22 this mlm sponsoring principle is 
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