Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Fast Track Your Success In Your Home Based MLM Business

So you've just joined a  MLM  Network Marketing company and you're jumping out of your skin with excitement. Congratulations! With the economy in a plateau, Network Marketing has continued to increase in popularity. More and more people are looking to start their own home based business and since most Network Marketing companies are pretty affordable to join, people who were once closed to the idea are now becoming more and more open. Seriously... there hasn't been a better time to start your own MLM business. Not only because the prospect pool has never been bigger or better, but because business experts ranging from Warren Buffet to Sir Richard Branson to Robert Kyosaki to Donald Trump are all touting the brilliance of the business model.

In this post, I want to outline 6 tips you (as a newbie) can apply that will fast track you to success regardless of what company you're in, or what product you're promoting. So let's get right to the point:
#1. Always deliver a world-class customer experience. As a marketer, you want to get yourself out of the "transaction" mindset, and into the "experience" mindset. No one wants to feel like just another transaction. If you can provide an enjoyable presentation and dialogue, your customers (and prospects) will buy from you. In addition to that, if you provide an experience and get your prospects to like you, you'll not only get more customers but you'll increase retention of those customers. And make no mistake about it... retention is the key to residual income regardless of what product you're promoting. If you can't get people to stay on the books, you have no chance of building that passive income you joined for.
#2. Be a product of the product. You can share dozens of testimonials, but the most important testimonial is your own. People can spot a phony a mile away. And if you don't believe enough in your own product, how can you possibly get others to believe in it. My suggestion is that you own every single product your company offers so you can be a walking, talking commercial... and you don't have to point to someone else when you're sharing your products with people.
#3. Become the person you want to attract. Most distributors are always looking for the one guy or gal that will explode their business. Why don't YOU become that guy or gal? YOU be the most positive person on your team. YOU be the most productive person in your team. YOU make the most money per month. Don't look elsewhere for someone to explode your business. YOU be the one! The funny thing is when you start leading from the front, you will start attracting higher quality prospects because leaders are attracted by other leaders. And that's what you want.
#4. Empower others by leveraging development and support. Typically in traditional sales, your income and production is based on your own efforts. In Network Marketing, your income is based on the efforts of others. It's not about you doing everything. It's about you doing your part, but then having hundreds (and then thousands, and later tens of thousands) of other people doing a little. As you are sponsoring new people, always set aside some time to offer training and support. (find out more tips on how to sponsor )Your goal is to develop other people so they can do what you do. In fact, you should want to develop other people so they're actually better than you. That's how you build a secure and reliable income in your business. You won't be able to do that if you're trying to do everything and you're not empowering others to become self-sufficient.
#5. Keep it simple and fun. One of the biggest mistakes new people make is that they over complicate things. They want to study everything, and when they talk to people they think all this newly acquired knowledge will make them sound smarter. Doing this absolutely kills your business. Remember, when you're engaging prospects, they want to know if it's simple enough for them to do. If they feel overwhelmed, they might like your opportunity or product, but chances are they won't join because they feel they have to get as good as you to do well. Your goal in your business is to over-simplify everything so that anyone can feel they do it. You'll explode your business faster by keeping everything simple and duplicate.
#6. Create a winning environment. There's an old saying in Network Marketing: "Beginners look for comp plans; Veterans look for company; But professionals look for culture." Having an awesome culture ties right in with having a winning environment. Focus on cultivating a great environment (one that doesn't tolerate any negativity) and not only will you attract good people, but your current team members will always stick around.
So there you have it. Regardless of what company you're in, you can apply these tips and position yourself for success.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Social Media Strategies for MLM Networking Marketing for Moms

Social Media for Network Marketing... Five years ago, if someone said I'd be writing about this, I wouldn't have believed it. Even though these days everyone under the sun seems to be on Facebook, this strategy of marketing is relatively new, considering network marketing has been around for nearly 100 years.

When I began in this field just seven years ago, most companies actually had policies against promoting on social media for network marketing, because it was not yet understood. Now, distributors are actually encouraged to use it for network marketing.

Years ago, my friend encouraged me to get on Facebook, and I thought, "Oh no, another inbox!" I resisted it, yet I quickly realized social media for network marketing MLM  is an excellent way to find leads, build my opt-in list,   support my team, build community, and attract more people to our business. Now I think of this as one of the best resources we have in our industry.

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Here are 5 Strategies for Leveraging Social Media for Network Marketing:

Strategy #1 -- Be Social

It's called social for a reason. Just as you meet people at work, networking functions, barbeques, and your child's sporting events, social media for network marketing is about connecting with others.

Look at people's profiles and check out what pages they like, so you can find a common ground to start a conversation. Comment on and "like" other people's posts. Spend time engaging back-and-forth on conversation threads.

Participating in groups is also a wonderful strategy for utilizing social media for network marketing. You can discover groups for just about any interest in LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter, and cultivate relationships with other people who are interested in a common topic. And, remember to listen! If you are doing all the talking, then you are missing out.

Strategy #2 -- Be Personal

Consider social media for network marketing just as you think of socializing in your day-to-day life. Share about yourself on a personal note and open up about things you care about. Just as it is in person, it is in social networking - If you only gab about your business, people's eyes glaze over at some point.

In my own experience, whenever I share something personal like a birthday dinner, pictures from a trip I took, or even an insight I had while exercising, those are the posts that seem to spark the most comments.

Share from an authentic place, so your audience can see "you." The more YOU comes out, the more you will draw the perfect people for you. The old saying "Stories sell, facts tell" is so true! Get personal by sharing stories, quotes of wisdom, genuine questions, and photos!

Strategy #3 -- Be Consistent

Perhaps the most critical strategy for using social media for network marketing, is to be consistent. Put in the time so you can get results and be regular about it. When you stay in people's awareness, you'll be more successful at using social media for network marketing. My own personal goal is to invest an hour each day prospecting, connecting, and conversing on the social media sites, because it makes a difference.

A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your time providing value - that is what earns you the right to present your offer for the remaining 20%. Position yourself as someone who regularly provides value!

Social media for network marketing is not a tactic for overnight success. You may get quick results yet, more likely, one day out of the blue a friend will say, "I've been reading your posts all year." Next thing you know you have a new business builder in Singapore.

Strategy #4 -- Take it Offline

Social media for network marketing is excellent for expanding your reach, yet it is not meant to take the place of picking up the phone and calling your warm leads. Social media is meant to be in-addition-to. I have gotten in touch with people from my past on the social media sites, and it has been a wonderful way to reconnect.

Then, take it offline. Invite them to connect on the phone or over coffee!

Social media is also excellent for turning your cold market into a warm one. As you connect with new people by socializing on these sites you establish relationships, making the invitation to connect offline a natural next step.

By the way, don't rush to share your opportunity. Be a great listener and ask a lot of questions. You should have at least 3 conversations back and forth before you present your business or products (unless, of course, they ask you to share).

Strategy #5 -- BONUS TIP!

If you are serious about building your brand through social networking, then invest in a great quality photo of yourself. It is a great investment!

If you want more tips about how to be successful in your network marketing business, check out my blog at http://KathleenDeggelman.com

Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to Organize your Email Inbox

Inbox overload.

It's a real time eater, and you only have so much time to build your business.

And if your inbox eats your time, you don't build as much business each day.

So one of the easiest ways to find more time to build your business is to cure inbox overload.

Here are three ways to help combat the overload:

1. Create filters for spam

During WWII, spam meant “specially processed American meat”, and it was shipped to overseas for use by servicemen and women, and the local population in Britain. Of course, it really amounted to food that was much less than the best available. That’s because it had to be put in a can.

SPAM today can hardly be thought of nutrition on any level. It’s the junk mail of the Internet, and if you don’t have a method for getting it out of you inbox, then you’ll never get out of it either.

Most ISPs have SPAM filters that prevent you from getting a lot of it. In other words, however much you get right now, it could be a lot worse.

But spammers are clever people, and as ISPs change their filters, so spammers change the wording of their messages to bypass them.

That means that in order to get rid this junk without having to personally wade through it all, you need to use the filter template that is provided by your email client.

In Gmail, for example, the most effective way is to filter on the basis of specific words and the various spellings. Then whenever a message that you don’t want somehow gets through, it will be deleted before you ever see it.

2. Create filters for each business function, e.g. social media, sales, marketing, articles, ideas, etc.

There will be some messages that you will want to see, and you can choose to put them in a separate folder, too.

Instead of having them deleted, you can designate which folders they will go to automatically. This can be particularly valuable if you want to read messages that are written by the same person, such as those you’d get from someone’s email campaign.

3. Set up Google Alerts

A Google Alert automatically delivers content to you based on words that you choose.

In the case of SPAM, you identified words associated with messages that you didn’t want. 

With a Google Alert, you use exactly the same principle to find what you do want, except that instead of receiving messages, you’re given URLs.

And you can have all of these go to a specific folder as well.

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