Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wahm reveal How do I stay fit?

Welcome to our weekly Question of the Week. How do you stay fit? Not just on the physical side but the mental and emotional side? Do you make time for exercise? Do you always want to learn new things to keep you challenged?

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Angela of Marketplace Corner says that she needs to focus more on herself and is working on improving that.
Frugal Momma likes to use exercise videos to stay physically fit and adult conversation to stay mentally fit!
BikerMomma who is a perfect shape finds that money and me-time are luxuries that she can't always afford right now.
Family Traveler gives a checklist on how to stay fit while traveling while being a parent!
Freelance Writer says you can easy turn into a sloth when you are working at home, but shares her thoughts on how she remains sloth-free while being a work at home mom.
Jill says her 5 kids who ask her a million questions each day keep on her toes mentally and she just gave her a Mother's Day gift for a personal trainer!
Moms Cafe focuses on getting enough sleep and not sweating the small stuff to keep her in tune.

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