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How to use Facebook to create new customer for your Wahm home party plan

In the home party business or managing independent sales consultants?
Facebook is absolutely critical tool to attract new customers and prospects, and build relationships with them and your team or down line. It's easy to do, but there are some things you need to avoid so you do not inadvertently turn those customers and prospects away from you.
Some things you should NOT post on Facebook walls:
-Do not try to close a sale
-Do not pick a party, meeting or appointment date
-Do not nag about them for not responding, not booking, not performing not calling
-Do not go into details about any business transaction(s)
-Do not openly manage your team member(s)
-Do not post too many 'commercial' messages about your business in a row or too many times in one day (this is the fastest way for your friends and/or followers to 'hide' you in their feed) Once or twice a week is good. 
-Do not hostess coach or business coach in detail (i.e. "How many guests do you have coming?")
-Do not clog up your own Wall with too many Facebook application updates/posts, and most specifically Facebook games. 
The Facebook Wall is there to build relationships, to get people interested in you and what you do.

What to do if someone starts asking for details about anything, including wanting to have a home party, learn about your business opportunity? Simply respond with "check your inbox" and send them the response as a private message instead.
Again, once you get an interest, the conversation should go to 'Inbox' and sent as a private message.

Mary Kay Beauty and Cosmetics Work at Home Mom Business Opportunity

Mary Kay Skin care and beauty  was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, when Ms. Ash decided to begin her own direct sales company offering beauty products to women. She began her company soon after leaving her full time job, where she watched people she trained get promoted over her head. The scene gave her the desire to offer all women the opportunity to be as successful as they wished. Today, with over 1 million consultants in over 35 markets, Mary Kay products are being sold throughout the world.
Starting Out with Mary Kay Cosmetics
To begin selling Mary Kay products, you must first discuss the opportunity with a consultant. She will go over the basics of the business with you, and provide you with an application form. She will also handle the ordering of your beginner's pack. The starter kit you will need to be a consultant with Mary Kay costs $100 plus tax, shipping and handling. The packet contains enough samples to get through your first 5-10 parties, depending on the number of guests as each. It also provides you with marketing and education tools to get started with the company. The target audience for Mary Kay products is any female, from teenagers to adults.  One word of advice don't get into debt with buying alot of product for your personal selling inventory. Be aware that for you to count as a qualified recruit, you have to do so much in sales. The only one this benefits is your sponsor. This opportunity is not about your sponsor, it's about you. So don't get suckered into buying makeup that you will be told you need to have a successful business, and don't take out a loan. Not all teams teach that method, but a few do. So find a sponsor you feel comfortable with.

Compensation with Mary Kay Cosmetics 
With Mary Kay, you earn your money the moment you make a sale. Prices in the catalogs include a 50% mark up of your cost, meaning you earn 50% on everything you sell. Mary Kay boasts of offering one of the h
ighest commissions of all direct sales companies, and you begin earning the full 50% upon becoming a consultant. Depending on how involved you wish to become, working with Mary Kay can earn you a part-time to full-time income.
Thriving with Mary Kay Cosmetics 
To maximize your potential with this business, Mary Kay offers you many ways to sell products. You will be given a personal website in which you can refer your clients. Mary Kay also prints quarterly catalogs that you can distribute to family and friends. The final, and probably most lucrative, way to earn with Mary Kay is by conducting parties. Offering your clients a trial of the products you are selling is the most effective way to earn money with this company.
Is Mary Kay for You?
Mary Kay is ideal for work at home moms  that love learning and sharing information about make-up, beauty and skin care products. The typical consultant works part-time, scheduling 2-3 parties a week including online facebook parties  while being a WAHM or holding a full-time job.   If you can do make-up consider going to bridal and prom shows, you can offer your services as a makeup artist and selling the Mary Kay products.  The best feature about the business is you can work as much or as little as you need to, and your income will reflect the amount of effort you put into the opportunity.

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How to Start a Gift Basket Wahm business on a budget

Opening a gift basket business in your home can be one of the easiest ways to enjoy doing something you love, while making a nice profit for yourself. According to a recent government study, the home gift basket business is growing by leaps and bounds. If you have a creative mind, and like the idea of selecting unique items for gift baskets that make people happy, then this is a great business idea for you.
Learning how to start a gift basket business begins with coming up with cool ideas for creating gift baskets at home. To make this task easier for you, remember that most gift baskets have a theme like:
*Baby Shower

*Get Well
*Mother's Day
*Thank You
*Valentines Day
* New Home 
When you start out with a theme, this makes it very easy for you to begin finding items that can go inside the basket. Keep in mind that you can buy the same items for each basket that shares the same theme. You can add little touches to make it more personalized for a particular recipient when required.
If you have trouble coming up with ideas for making gift baskets, you can go online and visit various sites that feature them. Use these as guides to making your own unique creations. Once your imagination has been sparked, you should have no trouble coming up with ideas.
Okay, now since you are going to be making this a profitable business venture, you need to switch hats for a moment and think like a small business person. You will need to find customers for your baskets, which means you need to set up a marketing system that works well.  (Etsy is a great way to market your gift basket business) 
If you already have a large network of family and friends, this is a great way to market yourself without having to spend much money. You can create some attractive brochures using your home computer, make up some sample baskets and take pictures of them, and include the photos in your brochure. Be sure to give your business a catchy name.
Hand out your brochures and business cards  and let everyone know that you can make any type of basket for their special occasions. You may begin to get inquiries and orders right away.
If you don't have the advantage of a large personal network, you can still get your business going relatively easy. Go ahead and name your business and make up the brochures. You should also set up a simple website to display samples of your baskets. Be sure to put the website address on the brochures.
Go out and visit small gift shops, beauty salons, doctors offices and other small businesses in your area. Ask if you can leave a few brochures with them. When people are waiting around at the counter, or for their appointment, they'll see your brochures and take one home. This can get the ball rolling for you fast.
There are a few other things you need to know in order to successfully run a gift basket business from your home, and you can find out more by visiting a site that has a list of the best home business ideas. Starting a gift basket business is definitely one of the top ideas where you can use your creativity in a fun way to make money.

Jordan Essentials Skincare Work at home party business for moms

Jordan Essentials is a complete line of natural skin products for the whole family to use. They have been in business since the year 2000. They are a direct sales company and believe that their skin care products cater to the complete body not just the skin. Individuals can make money selling Jordan Essentials skin care products in people's homes. Consultants help home party hostesses throw a party for family and friends. Guests are then introduced to a complete lineup of products. Samples are offered to the guests and free products are given to the hostess. 

Jordan Essentials – The Products

Jordan Essentials uses high quality natural and botanical ingredients in all of their products, some of which include Shea Butter, Soy, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Dead Sea Salt, Grapeseed oils and many more high quality natural ingredients.  Each ingredient has multiple benefits, and all of Jordan Essential products are American made products made in Nixa, Missouri.
The line of healthy skin care products include Anti-Aging Mask, Dead Sea Body Mud Mask, Aluminum Free Deodorant, Intense Volume Mascara, Massage Oil, 100% Soy Candles, Cuticle & Pedi-Stick, and Mineral Makeup.

Jordan Essentials – The Business Opportunity

There are four different ways you can join Jordan Essentials, with starter kits ranging from $89 – $200.  You have the opportunity to make money selling their products and by sharing the business opportunity and sponsoring new consultants.
25% is paid weekly and the Sales Volume Bonuses are paid monthly.  This is nice because it gives you the opportunity to make immediate income, and get paid weekly.  The company also offers different bonuses, which are based on your sales volume and overall performance with the company.

Friends and Family Consultants -- Like the idea of buying Jordan Essential products for personal use at consultant discounts. Sells to neighbors, friends, relatives etc. through catalog and online orders. Maybe a home show here and there.

Hobby Consultant -- Loves doing home shows and earning extra money when it's convenient with their schedule. Works a lot some months and less other months.

On-Site Consultant -- Works for a company with a lot of employees who love Jordan Essentials products. Makes it convenient for everyone to order and to earn extra income at the same time.

Part-Time Consultant -- Part-time, consistent consultant who desires to make a specified monthly income to pay for nursery school, college tuition, car payment, etc.

Business-Building Consultant -- Views Jordan Essentials as a viable career, knows it can provide a full time income. Pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder. Works at her business in a consistent and on-going manner - it's a real job!

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Jamberry Nails Beauty Work at home business for mom

Jamberry Nails began with a simple idea of helping women everywhere find a new way to express themselves. Becoming a direct selling party company was a natural step in this mission to spread both joy and success.  

If you’ve already been wearing Jamberry Nails, you know they are addictively fun. Joining Jamberry Nails as an Independent Consultant gives you a flexible, social way to earn extra income selling a product that people are actually excited to buy. Our designs are natural conversation-starters, so just wearing Jamberry Nails means you’re marketing your business. 


Why Jamberry?
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Less than 6000 Consultants Nationwide
  • Generous Compensation plan and payment on 5 Levels
  • Advertise everywhere you go ‘FREE of CHARGE’ jus t by wearing your Jamberry Nails
  • Carry all inventory in a convenient 5 x 7 photo album
  • Made in the USA
  • 30% Commission on Retail Orders
  • Earn FREE Inventory based on PCV (Personal Commissionable Volume)
  • Earn Volume Bonus when $500+ or more PCV monthly
  • Earn 5% back in business supply credit with monthly orders of $300 or more
  • Free Website for 3 months ($10 thereafter)
  • Fast Start Rewards Program in first 90 days
  • Prepared Samples ready to hand out
  • Low quarterly minimum of rolling $160
  • Only $99 to Join and Become a Consultant
Start your business for just $99(USD) plus shipping and handling. Jamberry Nails will send you a starter kit with all the materials needed to run your own Jamberry Nails business

The Dice Game - A Direct Selling Home Party Game for moms

The Dice Game - A Direct Selling Home Party Game  is a party game that you can play to increase sales and book another show from your guests whether you are selling candles, beauty products or kitchen items.

Supplies needed:

One pair of dice
11 cards with envelopes numbered 2-12
3,4,5,12- WIN A PRIZE
6,7,8,9,10,11- BOOK A SHOW
and Several goodie bags (I put a small gift like a Body  Lotion or Scent Circles, etc..)
Here's how to play:
Ask, "Who here likes to gamble? Great because I've got a gambling game for
 you! The game is optional to play, but you will win something for  playing every time. The way the game works is you roll the dice and you  get the coordinating envelope for the number you roll." (For example, if  they roll a 3 and a 2 they get envelope #5.) "Inside each envelope is a  prize. In one envelope it says GRAND PRIZE which is ________ (hold it  up for them to see...if you don't have the item, show them a picture of it  in the catalog.)
Some of the envelopes say WIN A PRIZE. If you get this envelope, you  will get a goodie bag to take home tonight. The rest of the envelopes  have the best prize it them...they say BOOK A SHOW! Now, the catch is  whatever envelope you get, you have to follow through. So, if you get  grand prize, you have to take home the grand prize. If you get Book a  show, you have to book a show from one of my special dates. (Try to have some date cards available within the next 4 weeks )   And just so you know, having a Scentsy party is so easy. All you do is  give me a guest list and I send out the invitations for you. Also, if  you provide phone numbers, I will even give your friends a reminder call  for you! And then you reap all the rewards by getting loads of FREE  products! So, do I have any takers?"
Let them roll the dice and take their envelopes, but tell them not to  open the envelopes yet. After everyone that wants to has rolled, tell  them, "Okay, I have a deal to make with you. (Hold up an item from your  display, like a bar or fragrance foam or something small) You can,  regardless of what your envelope says, without even looking, go ahead  and book a show. If you do so, you will get a free "item" like this one  at your show AND you will still get the prize that is in your envelope.  Again, you will be helping "current host" out, and earning lots  of free stuff for yourself." Let them decide what to do. Coax them  along by reminding them they have a chance of getting book a show in  their envelope and this way they get the FREE gift anyway for booking.  After everyone has decided whether or not to make the deal for the FREE  gift, let them open their envelopes. Give prizes to those that earned  them and book the shows of the people that made the deal or got it in  their envelope. Make sure you book the show 

How to Build a $100,000-a-Year Home Party Plan Business for mom

Mary Christensen has the credibility of success in every area of direct selling and the home party plan  business . She left teaching to start a party plan business and soon after founded her own business and sponsored over 1000  down line in her first year.

The  home party plan' model of direct selling introducing products through home parties, social gatherings, and fund raisers has been the route to financial freedom for millions. This inspiring, hands on manual, written by an author who has achieved unprecedented success herself, shows other women how they can generate more bookings, more sales, and more business leads at their parties, as well as build a team of independent party planners, and drive up their own commissions. Exemplified by powerhouse brands like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and, Mary Kay, the party-planning method is an unparalleled opportunity for anyone to live the life they dream about and deserve. In "Be a Party Plan Superstar", readers will discover, step-by-step, how they can transition from selling to friends and family to building a profitable business, develop a who's-who customer base, create an environment of fun, be an engaging host, and close sales effortlessly. This is the one book that shows women how to become direct-selling superstars! Simply by being the life of the party.

She is now sharing her ideas in her new  book Be a Party Plan Superstar: Build a $100,000-a-Year Direct Selling Business from Home

Here is what some are saying 
This is my most used reference book whenever I need a fresh idea for a party or demonstration. The authors suggestions are often time visually impacting, easy to prepare and adapt to your product. She invites you to copy her ideas, templates, and share her enthusiasm to create memorable home  parties. In the party plan model of direct selling, the guest experience is so much a part of the sale, that it benefits everyone to put on a show stopper.
My copy is tattered, marked up and dog eared...love it.

This book is a wealth of knowledge for anyone serious about growing a successful direct selling business. It is full of detailed and helpful information in every area of direct selling. The information that Mary shares is very practical and easy to apply. I enjoyed her down to earth style and the inspiration and confidence that she evokes in the reader. It is a resource that I will definitely be referring to over and over again.

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What to Take to Your Home Party Plan Make-Up Consultations

With the approaching summer  season it's time to party! Why not take opportunity of this fact by offering home party makeup consultations. You would be making your clients feel special and you'll be earning some extra money.
In addition if you're in direct sales party makeup consultations provide you with another opportunity to demonstrate and sell products. Why not use your skills to make people look good or even teach others how to make themselves look good. It is a fun night out for your girlfriends or maybe some moms in your PTO group. 
The first thing you need to think about is what you actually need to take with you to hold a successful party makeup consultation. You'll need the following:
· A Makeup Kit
· Disposal brushes*, cotton pads, cotton buds
· Products for sale
· Mirrors
· Hand Cleaner
· Face Cloths and Towels
· Hair Bands and Clips
· Makeup Remover and Skin Care Products
· Table Cloth
· Beauty Apron
· Beauty Coat
· Business Cards
· Small Notepads and pens
*It is better to use disposable items instead of sharing brushes. It gives a sense to the guests that you are very professional and mindful of health and safety. If you do use non disposable brushes during the consultation do not use them on different faces without cleaning them with a proper brush cleaner in between.
With Party season coming up you might want to create gift sets. For example if your clients are going to a party you might want to put a lipstick, blusher, highlighter, powder and mascara for example together in a pretty bag that they can purchase and take with them to the party for touch-ups. Just make sure that you use those items in your consultation to demonstrate how to use them.
You can also take some small notepads and pens for the guests to make notes on what they discover and they might want to jot down any make-up tips you give them or jot down any colours or any products that they used at the consultation. One further item to remember if you're running a beauty business is to take some business cards to hand out as well.
If you regularly hold party makeup consultations I suggest creating a checklist that you can look at to ensure you don't forget anything. There's nothing worse than being at a client's home and realizing that you've left something critical behind.
What's stopping you? Why not use your skills and creativity to earn extra money this holiday season and at the same time make other people look good and feel special in their party gear too.
Interested in beauty? Want to translate your passion for makeup into an income? Then join us at the beauty business club. Its designed with you in mind. http://www.mybeautybusinesscoach.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7391602

Beauty Society Skin Care Work at home business opportunity for moms

Founded in 2004 Beauty Society began as a quest to bring the very highest quality anti-aging skincare at affordable prices to all women. We have since grown into the most sought after skincare and cosmetics line with the hottest and incredibly lucrative work at home  business opportunity for moms  in the US!  
About our home  business opportunity:
• Highest personal and team commission in the industry
• No at home inventory
• Free credit card processing
• Set and work your own hours
• Corporate provided home party  hostess gifts and incentives
• Customer ecommerce websites in minutes
• Huge residual income opportunity with the  high reorder rate sine you are selling consumable products 
We are slated to make more women millionaires than any other company in history… period. These Kits include everything you need to start your own beauty business including a full service e-commerce website and online back office to track all aspects of your business!
There are several different options to join 
Social Diva Business Kit                                   $59.00
The 'Social Diva' kit contains 10 Catalogs, 10 Invoices, 10 Mini Brochures, and Beauty Society Headband and the business tools to launch your Beauty Society Business! You will also receive a $20 coupon good towards your first purchase. Our business kits include everything you need to start your own beauty business, including a full service e-commerce website and an online backoffice to track all aspects of your business. First year internet fees included. Minimum Monthly Sales Required.

Professional Business Kit                               $450.00
The Professional Business kit contains 17 Skincare products, 13 Make Up products 2 carrying cases and the business kit tools to launch your Beauty Society Business! Our business kits include everything you need to start your own beauty business, including a full service e-commerce website and an online back office to track all aspects of your business. First year internet fees included. Please call for overnight or 2nd day shipping costs.

Executive Empire Business Kit                    $950.00
The Executive Empire Business kit contains 25 Skincare products, 27 Make Up products including EVERY Bamboo Brush, Eyeshadow, Powder, Brozner 3 carrying cases and the business kit tools to launch your Beauty Society Business! Our business kits include everything you need to start your own beauty business, including a full service e-commerce website and an online backoffice to track all aspects of your business. First year internet fees included. Please call for overnight or 2nd day shipping costs.

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Apriori Beauty Skin care and Beauty Home Based Business Opportunity for Moms

Apriori Beauty has been making headlines since its inception in 2009. This is a great work at home business opportity for moms.   Offering a unique approach to anti aging and skincare,Apriori Beauty anti aging products do not only help prevent the signs of aging but they also help protect the cells from further damage caused by external factors like stress and pollution and internal factors like cell damage, hormones, and genetics. The company also offers a lucrative business opportunity for those who want to venture into direct selling. As an Apriori Beauty consultant, you can earn 30% commissions on retail sales and 5% to 20% sponsorship bonuses from up to three levels of downline representatives

You'll enjoy selling Apriori Beauty products if you feel passionate about proper skin care and enjoy making other women look and feel their best. Apriori Beauty is definitely a fledgling company, and one that was developed and is run by women. So, you may like the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a business owned and run by other women. You'll need to feel comfortable with selling products directly to other people, hosting home parties  and recruiting other people to your team to build up residual income.

As an Independent  Beauyty and skincare Consultant, enjoy:
  • Earning an extra or part-time income sharing the products and opportunity with friends and family, or build a business and a full-time income when you sponsor and teach others to do the same
  • Low cost start-up — only $79 registration fee and you’re in business!
  • Convenient online ordering 24/7|365
  • 20% savings on monthly specials and Autoship offers
  • 30% rebate on personal purchases and 30% commission on Client purchases — paid weekly
  • Bonuses on sales volume created by the Independent Consultants sponsored in your downline — paid monthly
  • Your own Consultant website — free with registration
  • Access to the Consultant Back Office — includes training, tools, reports, resources, information, community and more to support your business-building efforts
  • Being part of the Apriori Beauty community of Consultants and participating in a national effort to Make Life Beautiful for many women!

How To Generate Home Party Plan Leads With Twitter and Facebook Social Media Marketing

How can social media like facebook and twitter  marketing help to generate leads in order to advance the customer base in any business? This growing technology has completely overhauled the way individuals connect and communicate with one another. Individuals have experienced exponential growth in generating leads using these online marketing strategies.
Although the traditional methods of offline sales strategies such as  home  parties and asking friends and family for their support, many people are eager to learn how to integrate this booming technology into their existing marketing strategy to create massive leverage online. The benefits to this new strategy for exposure are:
· the ability to reach more prospects in a shorter period of time and conduct online meetings and conference calls.
· the time-saving simplicity of connecting with other like-minded business people that are looking to start a home based business.
· it helps to create an additional income stream by leveraging the efforts of others through team building. You create passive and residual income by utilizing social media marketing strategies as opposed to just creating a single source income stream with face-to-face or door-to-door marketing.
The movement from offline advertising to online marketing is one of the arenas where the commonality across the world is that it creates a level playing field and everyone can benefit from using the various technologically enhanced social media strategies to generate leads online and grow their home based businesses.
If you are a one-person business, you have a single source income stream and don't have the advertising budget like large companies to attract new prospects or clients. By utilizing traditional methods of marketing, such as "face-to-face" or "door-to-door" strategies, serious problems arise if you get sick or other unforeseen circumstances arise which inhibit your income producing activities.
Traditionalists feel that by not having the "face-to-face" encounter, interpersonal skills get lost in the process. To the contrary, when you generate leads online using social media marketing, it is imperative you maintain relationships with your clients or prospects, build your reputation and gain their trust.
The primary reason why most people who start businesses fail is because they have been inadequately trained in marketing techniques. If you're struggling in the direct sales marketing, consider for a moment that it isn't your fault. Consider that maybe you improperly trained and never taught the strategies top earners used to build their wealth.
Generating leads with twitter or facebook  is an innovative way to lift the curtain and lets you in on some of those underground secrets of the 6-figure earners and, in time, translate into more web traffic, leads and sales for your brand.
Leishah Cover-Edwards is an online business and marketing consultant in Westbury, NY. She teaches craftsmen and professionals at http://www.EasyMLMHomeBiz.com how to master the fundamentals of marketing their business online on their own terms without spending years in school and without racking up a six-figure debt in the process. She blogs at http://www.UrGuide2Wealth.com

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Open a CapitalOne 360 Checking Account for your home party plan biz – Get a $50 Bonus!

Click here to start saving with Capital One 360
If you have a home party plan business, you want to separate your personal checking account from your home party plan  checking account.  
ING Direct is now CapitalOne 360 and they are offering a $50 bonus when you open a checking account. This is an easy way to pick up a FREE $50!  
To get your bonus: Go here and click on Apply Now to open an Electric Orange account. Make a total of 3 Card purchases or Person2Person Payments (any combo of the 2) within 45 days of account opening. Your $50 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50.

How Moms Can Make Money With Drop Shipping

Drop shipping companies provide an opportunity for you to run a store without actually having to maintain any inventory. They exist for just about every type of product you can imagine. Some provide access to a wide array of products, such as what you would find at your local Wal-Mart or Target. Others provide niche-specific products, such as what you might find at a local Bass Pro Shop.
Find a Drop Shipping Company
Unfortunately, there are plenty of drop shipping opportunities that aren't exactly legit. It's important that you take the time to find a company that has solid reviews from satisfied customers. Avoid any that seem to have a history of scamming their sellers, as these will only result in difficulties with your business in the future.
It's also essential to avoid paying any fee to get started with a drop shipping company. They earn their share of the profits when you sell a product, and any attempt to charge you for the opportunity to work with them should be seen as a red flag.
Moms should give preference to drop shipping companies that have an integrated shopping cart solution. It will simplify the entire process of setting up the  website and help to minimize your expenses. It is also far easier to maintain these sites, as you won't have to deal with adding and deleting products from your store.
Find a Niche and Review the Market for Your New Products
After you find a company that seems to be on the up and up, it's important you match it to a potential niche. Don't just assume that there's a market for the products they're selling simply because they're offering a niche-based opportunity.
A good way to determine whether or not the products you'll be selling are in demand is to check Amazon.com. If you can find similar products that are being reviewed by real customers, then you can be sure that there's a demand. If you can't, it doesn't mean that the market doesn't exist, but it may prove a lot more difficult to actually turn this into a profitable opportunity.
Maintain a Blog and Social Media Presence
It isn't enough to just put together a shopping cart. Customers are unlikely to find it, and even if they do, there's no reason for them to choose your store over a competitors. You can differentiate your business easily, though, with a regularly updated blog and an active social media presence.
Your blog should exist on the same domain as your shopping cart. Your social media activities should reference your blog posts instead of being overly promotional. Potential customers will buy from you when they know, like, and trust your brand. Focus on delivering value to them and they'll be more than happy to choose your shop when they need what you're selling.
Keep Your Overhead to a Minimum
The whole appeal of running a drop shipping company is that there is minimal overhead. But if you don't watch your step, you could end up dealing with far more than you had bargained for. It's important that you have very clear terms of service when you're in the drop shipping business, as you're responsible for dealing with any issues related to customer complaints. Furthermore, consistent returns or complaints could result in the termination of your agreement with the supplier.
This doesn't imply that you should provide bad customer service. You just need to be extremely clear in what constitutes a valid return and what does not. You can minimize the chances of a requested return by providing clear and detailed descriptions of what the product does.
Drop Shipping isn't for Everyone
Even with the promise of reduced overhead, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. For some, the allure of drop shipping turns out to be a false pretense. If you don't want to deal with customer service inquiries and constantly maintaining a blog or social media presence, there are other business opportunities worth considering.
If, however, you have always wanted to run your own shop but could never find the funds to get started, drop shipping might provide the perfect opportunity.

AmeriPlan USA home based business opportunity for moms

AmeriPlan USA home based business opportunity 

We are a 14-year-old, $100 Million company. We are a member in good standing with the US Chamber  of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. AmeriPlan offers individuals and families access to dental providers, prescriptions, vision and chiropractors at discounted rates. We are a service-based company and the perfect business for work at home moms.  We do not sell products or do any cold calling.
We offer:

Daily Pay
Part-time or full-time work available immediately
NO experience required
FREE Training via the Internet and telephone conferences
FREE Live Support
FREE websites
NO paperwork, all work can be done online
FREE Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Plan for your entire household

How to earn money with AmeriPlan USA 

1st Opportunity - We help other people work from home. There are millions of people looking for legitimate opportunities to work from home for various reasons and you can now help them! We will train you to do this online or offline. Our work is always paid on a daily basis. (Check out   How to recruit moms to your home based business)

2nd Opportunity - We help people save money by enrolling them in our benefits plan. Our benefit package is very affordable - $11.95 per month for an individual OR $19.95 per month for an entire household.  

If you are ready to work from home and willing to work a minimum of 10 hours a week, then this is for you. Click here for more info

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Thirty One Bags Home Party Business Opportunity for Moms

Thirty-One bags is a great home business opportunity.  31 products  offers so many items that help in organizing your life in a fun, classy and stylish way and allows you to enjoy all the things you want, with everything in its place!  We offer thermals for picnics, totes for carrying anything you need, baskets and containers and the list goes on.  So many colors and patterns with embroidery and designs for everyone in your life!

This business is amazing to be a part of. You earn money, products, a fantastic group of friends from all over the country and huge flexibility to create your own hours. To start your own business, the cost is currently only   $99 and you will be on your way!  You can host a great home party because everyone loves handbags and totes.  New moms will want a diaper bag tote while moms going to the beach will have a large beach bag tote and career professional moms will want 
Thousands of women across the country have changed their lives for the better through 31 business opportunity  These women are just a few great examples of that. Each of these ladies is a member of our “Circle of Honor,” which is what we call the women who have been featured in one of our past Catalogs.
Read their inspiring stories, and if you think this opportunity might be right for you, ask a Consultant for information about joining her team.
Here is  one story 
When I chose to join Thirty-One, I had a specific need of $764 to earn so I could have the heat turned back on in my home. I never imagined that a $99 investment could turn into the career it has for me.
Over the past five years, my life and what I'm able to provide for my sons have been completely transformed. I went from being a single mother struggling to provide each month to a leader of hundreds of women with limitless options for my future. This past year, I was able to establish college funds for my boys, purchase my childhood dream home in the heart of my hometown, and pay forward to those who helped us when we were struggling. I am in awe each and every day as I continue to experience opportunities I did not know could exist as a single mom.
Outside of the financial benefits, the truly authentic friendships I’ve made through Thirty-One are what I value the most. On any given day, I can pick up the phone and say to one of my friends, “Hey, I'm coming to see you!" On the other line I always hear, “I'll have a room ready for you!” I’ve been abundantly blessed with amazing sisters across the map.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate for Your Home Party Plan Business

As home party plan business owner whether you are selling jewelry, handbags or kitchen gadgets you will need to have an email list to get new hostesses to  new down line potential.
Yes, the most important thing of an email, is the subject line. It will determine whether you have a good open rate, or will your email be largely ignored. No matter how much TIME or how GOOD your email is, it will never be read. It’s pretty simple business that the more eyes  you can get to your content, then the more sales and money  you’ll be making.
Here's the thing: Always Remember CURVE:
    Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Relevance
  • Value
  • Emotion
Allow the readers to feel curious about the contents of the email. Make them want to know more. Tickle the subconscious mind.
Urgency works - but use it sparingly. You do not want to desensitize your readers by over usage of urgency. Play with the concept of scarcity or time limited offers. This will trigger the fear of loss in people. This is a fairly common marketing technique, use it well in your email and it will sell itself.  Do you have a recruiting special?  Or Is the new month
What relevance means, is that you cater your email subject to your subscribers list. You have to know what your subscribers want. For example; if your list consists of photographers (perhaps you own a photography forum), then be very specific about what the email is about! Photography, photos, camera gear, and so on.  If you sell Pampered chef, make sure you are adding in some recipes. If you sell handbags, add in some fashion and styling tips 
Value is golden. Always provide a sense of value for a subscriber to read your email. Whether it is arbitrary or a dollar value, make sure your emails come across as something of value to them. Remember, in any sales page, don't sell the advantages, sell the benefits! Benefits that will give your reader solutions.
The subconscious mind is stronger than the conscious mind. Remember this. Should your subject line be emotional and thought provoking, you have a winner. Relate to their problems, like work or family or relationship issues. Bingo - you struck a raw nerve.
The next time you craft your subject line, put a little more effort. You will see better opening results, guaranteed. Learn to use one of the 5 tips and then use them interchangeable. Like pepper and salt, you do not want to add too much. Subtlety is the best selling technique you will ever acquire.
With all that said, remember that good content will close the sale. Having a good subject line is just part writing a good email. It is definitely the start of a chain of events, which culminates in your bank account - successful sales.
Now remember, the next time you write your email: CURVE.
Are your emails "CURVE-y" enough?

Pampered Chef Home Party Business Opportunity

With your personal Pampered Chef business, you can make the money you need with the flexible schedule you want, right from the start! A Pampered Chef business can help you get more out of life!

Whether you’re looking for a flexible part-time opportunity or a new career, Pampered Chef is an ideal work-from-home  party plan business. You schedule home  shows around your personal life and kids schedules. 

Pampered Chef Company Facts

The Pampered Chef, founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher and  is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen and cooking  tools. The Pampered Chef’s sales force of Independent Pampered Chef Consultants offer multipurpose cooking  tools, demonstrate easy food preparation techniques and share recipes that can help you entertain with style and ease.

Starting Out as a Pampered Chef Consultant
To begin working as a Pampered Chef consultant, you need to apply online or through another Pampered Chef consultant. You will  need to  purchase a Business Opportunity Kit, which costs $155. The kit comes with several examples of the company's product line, as well as business supplies and training. The company supplies you with continuous training, up-to-date information about the company's products, your own website, and professional business supplies for your duration as a consultant.
The Money as Pampered Chef Consultant
Your commission rate depends on the total amount of your sales per month. If you sell $1-$749, you earn 20% commission. This amount is raised incrementally; for example, if you make over $4000 per month, you earn a 25% commission. In addition, you can increase your income by building a downline  team. The company website states that a Director can earn as much as $25,000 per year and up from there. As a Consultant, you earn your commissions by selling the company's products to individuals or by having "cooking shows," party-style demonstrations where you can sell your wares. (Find out how to book more home parties and increase your income) 
Your career as a  Pampered Chef Consultant
Pampered Chef also offers a compensation program, although the information about that program is not readily accessible on their website. To thrive as a Pampered Chef consultant, you should work not only on selling their products, but also on building a  downline team and rising through the ranks as a Director.  You will need to host home parties but Pampered Chef has a great reputation as a strong program.  (Find out tips on how to recruit for your home party plan biz) 
Is It For You?
If you are passionate about cooking, entertaining, and food, then you will enjoy working as a Pampered Chef consultant. But before you get started, make sure you have the right personality for the job. In direct sales, you are responsible for selling the company's products to other people. You need to be comfortable with marketing and selling.  You also need to be comfortable hosting Cooking Shows or having someone else host while you demonstrate.
In addition, if you want long-term success with the company, you will need to be comfortable with recruiting others to your team and motivating them to do well. Finally, you also need to be able to pay for your Business Kit, which costs $155.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Best Home Party Plan Business Management Systems

Keeps Track of Your Customers and Distributors 

When you are looking for a Small Home Business, or Home party plan  make sure their company has a good management system with a minimal monthly fee. A good home business management system can make life much easier by helping you stay organized and giving you all the tools that you will need to run your business. You need a system that lets you keep track of your customers and your distributors.  You can keep track of your hostess and send them reminders to book another show. You can use the list to send your customers a  holiday card or maybe a postcard with a  July 4th  recipe during the summer. 

 Hopefully it will show you in graphic detail people above and below you and you can see the placement of your distributors or downline That system will help you register your new distributors and properly link them to your business. Another great feature would be a way to see that your partners are meeting the requirements to stay active in the business. You can also send out single or mass emails to a group of customers or your downline. 
Keeps Track of Your Orders and Accepts Credit Cards 
The best home business management systems will show you a detailed sales report of your organization. Your  system should accept credit cards in order for you to place orders for yourself and your customers every month. Of course it would give you a distributor discount on your orders. It would also give you alerts if time is running out for you to meet standard business requirements. You can place orders or check your business anytime, anywhere on the internet 24/7. You can load your system into your cell phone and manage it while traveling.
Gives You Access to Trainings, Seminars, and Tax Forms 
Great small business management systems can actually give you access to trainings and webinars that will educate you on your products and business. You can keep up-to-date with all the current news bulletins that your company sends out. It gives you a list of all the seminars and major events so that you can buy your tickets and make your reservations. It will even keep track of your business finances and print out a 1099 tax form at the end of the year.
Having a management system that does all of the above is a great asset to your business. It eliminates the need for filing cabinets and folders. It lowers your stress by basically allowing you to manage your entire business on your computer with one management system. It may take a little time to become familiar with how to operate the entire program but
in the end it can free up a lot of your time.
If you would like to find a small home business that meets all of the requirements above please click here Home Business Management System