Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wahm reveal first jobs and life lessons

Welcome to the Questions of the Week responses What was your first job and what life lessons did it teach you?

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BikerMomma recounts her days as Toy R US kid and mini skirts, heels and unloading 18 wheelers.

Cucina Bella recalls her job as a janitor. Learning time management skills there still helps her today.

Jill’s had several jobs and shares top 10 life lessons that she gained.

Frugal Momma realized that work shouldn't always be a chore and your co-workers/ boss can really make the work experience.

Moms Making Money Online shares her first job helped her create the work ethic she has today. I gained a strong work ethic, patience for dealing with people no matter how I was feeling, and the feeling of accomplishment that "yes, I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to."

Amber realized that she didn't like corporate America and wanted to be her own boss.

Angela worked at Pizza Hut and learned customer service skills which are important to any business.

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