Tuesday, September 12, 2006

QOTW Have you been scammed?

Have you fallen victim to a work at home scam? If so, what was it and what lessons did you learn. If not, what steps do take to make sure you have a legit opportunity

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cmgmarketinga said...

I’m a work at home dad and, yes, I did fall for a boat load of scams. We’ve tried everything from Amway to Avon to door to door sales. Believe when they say there is no such thing as easy money and not one of these “miracle ideas” will have you making thousands a week in 24 hours. We’ve found three programs we like. I outlined them at http://agreatwaytoworkfromhome.blogspot.com and we do a couple of them. Combined they do okay for us, but it takes focus and diligence and effort. It’s there, but remember there is no such thing as fast and easy cash, no matter what there smooth looking on-line ads promise