Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wahm reveal if they have been scammed

Welcome to the qotw of the week responses.
Have you fallen victim to a work at home scam? If so, what was it and what lessons did you learn. If not, what steps do take to make sure you have a legit opportunity

Jersey girl shares her ways to avoid a scam.

Frugal Mom reflects on some ways in the 1990s that she was scammed and duped by the dreams of working at home.

Here are some common scams
Pyramid Schemes - A pyramid scheme grants anyone membership for a fee, without giving something back of equal value. Not to be confused with multi-level marketing, which requires the sale of products or services from their members.

Chain Letters - A pyramid scheme. Illegal and they don't work.

Easy Work and High Pay -Beware of anyone that promises you lots of money for little effort. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it!

Envelope Stuffing - Legal prosecution for participants becoming more common.

Craft Assembly - It's very hard to build a craft which meets their "standards".

Medical Billing - Cost thousands to start and it's very difficult to find clients. The medical community trusts only a few mega corporations for billing their patients.

Here a good resource if you are looking for telecommuting or work at home jobs

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