Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 quick tips to get started with your jewelry home party biz

Ready to start your jewelry party home business?
Here are 7 tips to get you started:
1. Know Your Products: You'll want to study the  business catalog closely and get to know the products which you will be selling . In my business there are over 500 pieces so obviously this is going to take some time. Give yourself the time but don't put off the studying. This will make you look professional and knowledgeable at your next show which will impress and please your potential customers!
2. Know Your Specials: Most jewelry party home business companies will offer specials. They may be ongoing specials or monthly. Make sure you know them. Study your companies materials and learn what specials are coming up so you can promote ahead of time as well.
3. Know Your Compensation: When people see how much fun you're having selling jewelry they will start asking you how they can do it too. Make sure you learn the companies compensation plan so that you can quickly answer questions and share in their excitement at the possibility of a new venture!
4. Use Visuals: People are visual learners. See what visuals your company offers and print them off. For example, our company offers sheets showcasing our rings and our necklace sliders. They show the products all in one spot which is visually appealing and also very useful to someone trying to decide which one to buy.
5. Start Talking: Tell everyone you know about your business. You'll need to get booking that first party so start going through a list of who you can contact about hosting a party to help kick off your business. No need to be pushy or intrusive. As you go about your day share your excitement of your new business. Make sure you have a catalog on you when you do though!
6. Find Support: Your sponsor is your first point of support but there are likely many others. Is there a monthly meeting you can attend? Are there training and support materials online? Is there a company number you can call when stuck? Find out and have this information handy for when you need it down the line.
7. Be Prepared: Look for checklists you can use to help you have everything ready for your parties. Our company offers printable checklists to help ensure you have everything you need when you head out to a party.
Congratulations on making the decision to start a jewelry party home business! I know you'll find it to be a rewarding choice

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