Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wahm Reveal if they have family support

Welcome to our weekly Question of the Week. Does your husband support you? Or does he say are you playing at the computer still? Is he your cheerleader? Does he share what you do with others? What about the rest of your family? Do they know you have a business (or a blog) Find out how to join Work at Home Bloggers Network

Tricia focuses on the support that she gets from her parents and ignores the "living in a dream world" snide comments from her in-laws

I want the truth online says her husband is asking if they are millionaires yet but doesn't understand what her business goals.

Frugal Momma tells that while her husband is her biggest supporter today, it wasn't alwasy that way.

Amber is a second generation Shaklee home business family so she got her mom on her side and her husband is very support of her business.

Bikermomma says her husband is my most successful salesman, my tech support, my repair and maintenance technician, my creative sounding board, my biggest fan ... and my harshest critic. Lord save me when we're having financial difficulties or - worse yet - when we file our income tax returns at the end of the year. Suddenly we're talking about all the part-time jobs.

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