Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wahm Reveal What is Success

Welcome to the Question of the Week Responses How do you define success for yourself, for your life and your home business?

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Jill’s takes an inward look at how success is defined.

Moms Cafe looks at a proud Mommy moment that made her feel more successful than her many years in the corporate world.

Connie of Katie Hugs shares her definition of success as well she encourages work at home parents to ask themselves to ponder the question before they make the leap to have a home business.

Topics, Tips and Tangents reflects on a seemingly complicated question with a simple answer.

Patti shares that there is no right or wrong answer on what is success. People will have great differences and reflections on the the definition.

Moms Making Money Online has some to the realization that she shouldn't compare herself to others. One success lesson that I am currently learning is that I cannot measure myself against other people's standards; as women, I believe that it is so easy to constantly fall into the "compare" game; I have been doing it for years, and have recently realized that "I will never be successful, happy, or fulfilled if I keep watching what my peers are doing and comparing myself to them."

BikerMomma shares The short answer is: Happiness. If I'm happy, if the people around me are happy, then we've succeeded in whatever we've set out to accomplish. The long answer is - well - longer....

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