Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Sell More Mia Bella Candles

As a Mia Bella candles distributor you no doubt have tried all of the traditional ways to sell Mia Bella candles. You've done open houses, parties, fundraisers, boutiques, and smell and sell and you've had some success but you will still like to sell even more candles. How exactly do you do this?
Here are seven creative ways to sell more Mia Bella candles: 

1. Create a gift basket or a package with a Mia Bella candle and other products inside. The options here are endless. You can create packages such as a candle with some lotion or room spray, a candle and a bar of soap, a candle and a teddy bear or even candles with food items, popcorn or movie tickets just to give you a few ideas.
2. Use votive candles to make flowers or other craft items. You can also put ribbons, bows, stickers and other craft related items on the jar candles as well. When using clever and cute packaging people will be drawn to your products and be more likely to want to buy than if you just offer them a plain jar candle.
3. Dress up in a costume or wear a clever and catchy outfit. You can do this on Halloween or even at other times of the year as well. For example, I dressed up as a candle for Halloween one year and I got lots of attention and made some sales. Sure, I felt a bit goofy but hey it worked.
4. Identify the kinds of people, the professions and the target markets of people who buy more candles than the rest of the general population. Make a list of these people. Then write down all of the places where you can locate these people. Then take it a step further and create an action plan to contact and to connect with these people and to offer them your candles.
5. Schedule an online party. You can use to send out online invitations for free. Invite everyone you know and everyone you have in your email inbox and your Facebook and twitter audiences to attend your online party. Plan well ahead and be well prepared with your presentation. Play games and make it fun just like a regular offline party.
6. Take a look at the names of some of the scents and come up with some clever ideas for promoting the various scents. For example, you could sell the Pumpkin Cheesecake candle with a pumpkin cheesecake or the Mulled Cider scent with some actual cider.
7. Give out samples of popular scents or scents with clever names with creative flyers, cards or other promotional material. You can even take it a step further and include a coupon with it for a discount on that scent.
There are lots of ways to successfully sell Mia Bella candles and if you are short on ideas, be creative and you will think of ways to make more sales.

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