Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate for Your Home Party Plan Business

As home party plan business owner whether you are selling jewelry, handbags or kitchen gadgets you will need to have an email list to get new hostesses to  new down line potential.
Yes, the most important thing of an email, is the subject line. It will determine whether you have a good open rate, or will your email be largely ignored. No matter how much TIME or how GOOD your email is, it will never be read. It’s pretty simple business that the more eyes  you can get to your content, then the more sales and money  you’ll be making.
Here's the thing: Always Remember CURVE:
    Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Relevance
  • Value
  • Emotion
Allow the readers to feel curious about the contents of the email. Make them want to know more. Tickle the subconscious mind.
Urgency works - but use it sparingly. You do not want to desensitize your readers by over usage of urgency. Play with the concept of scarcity or time limited offers. This will trigger the fear of loss in people. This is a fairly common marketing technique, use it well in your email and it will sell itself.  Do you have a recruiting special?  Or Is the new month
What relevance means, is that you cater your email subject to your subscribers list. You have to know what your subscribers want. For example; if your list consists of photographers (perhaps you own a photography forum), then be very specific about what the email is about! Photography, photos, camera gear, and so on.  If you sell Pampered chef, make sure you are adding in some recipes. If you sell handbags, add in some fashion and styling tips 
Value is golden. Always provide a sense of value for a subscriber to read your email. Whether it is arbitrary or a dollar value, make sure your emails come across as something of value to them. Remember, in any sales page, don't sell the advantages, sell the benefits! Benefits that will give your reader solutions.
The subconscious mind is stronger than the conscious mind. Remember this. Should your subject line be emotional and thought provoking, you have a winner. Relate to their problems, like work or family or relationship issues. Bingo - you struck a raw nerve.
The next time you craft your subject line, put a little more effort. You will see better opening results, guaranteed. Learn to use one of the 5 tips and then use them interchangeable. Like pepper and salt, you do not want to add too much. Subtlety is the best selling technique you will ever acquire.
With all that said, remember that good content will close the sale. Having a good subject line is just part writing a good email. It is definitely the start of a chain of events, which culminates in your bank account - successful sales.
Now remember, the next time you write your email: CURVE.
Are your emails "CURVE-y" enough?

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