Thursday, May 02, 2013

5 Tips For Marketing your Home Party Plan With Business Cards

What does your business card say?
Business cards are a great way to get new customers  for your home party business. However if your card doesn't follow the 5 tips outlined in this article, then chances are you’re marketing them ineffectively.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 great ways to market via business cards so that you can gain new customers for very little cost of marketing. Here’s the first tip:

1) Put an offer on it

Your contact information is standard, but you should also include a free offer of some sort so that you can gain a new lead in your hostess funnel. 

You could offer a free sample of your product, or a free report of some sort, or a free kit or package with helpful tips and information.  Look at what your company offers for hostess kits. 

If you can have a free offer on your card, then you will give your prospects a great reason to contact and do business with you. 

2) Have more than 1 mode of contact

 Your contact information is standard, but along with your phone number and address, have other ways for prospects to contact you. You can include your email address, your website information, and even your fax number. 

Not everybody wants to contact you via phone, so include others means of contacting you so that you can maximize your response include your emal address or your business facebook page . You want to give your prospects a way of contacting you that is the most convenient for them. Here’s another great tip:

3) Use the back of the card

Almost everybody when they get a business card they check the back of it. And what do they see? Nothing. Not a thing. However since now you know better, this is the perfect spot to place testimonials from customers at. 

If you have testimonials from current customers, include them on the back of your business card so that new prospects can see that they should do business with you. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and prove your credibility all in one fell-swoop. If you are in selling make-up maybe add some tips. 

4) Give your business card to everyone at your shows 

This works awesome for gaining new customers. Every time you contact your customers on a monthly basis, include a free business card and inspire them to share it with others. This is a great way to get referrals, and when they hand your card to their friends, they’ll also say something great about you.

5) Handout your business cards at functions

If you’re at a business networking  function and someone asks you what you do for a living, hand out your business card. If you implement all of the 4 strategies before this one, they’ll know instantly that you are someone that they should be doing business with. And even if someone isn’t your best kind of prospect, hand it out anyway - they might know so

meone who is.

Be sure to have your business card on you at all times. You never know when you’ll come into contact with someone who could use your products or services. Use these 5 tips to market your business cards to their utmost capability

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