Thursday, May 09, 2013

dōTERRA® Home Based Business and Party Plan Opportunity

At doTERRA, we teach about the amazing physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.  Extracted from plants, flowers, and trees our oils are 100% free of pesticides, fillers, or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities. Used topically, aromatically, or internally (always check label) these oils can help cure or treat illnesses that most medications only mask. 

As a consultant you will be helping others learn a more holistic way of treating illnesses and issues, as well as an income and huge growth potential.  You can do sales online or do home parties with your friends and family.

There is a $30 annual fee for your own website. In addition you can purchase s a kit to start with - prices vary. You're not required to purchase a kit but if you'd really like to grow your business you'll want to be able to give small samples of the oils so that others can experience them. You can also create business cards and purchase other business tools but that is at your discretion.

About the dōTERRA® business opportunity

Many people, when presented with a business opportunity like this, freeze up and say, "But, I can't do sales."  However, your dōTERRA® business is based on Experiential Marketing.  While it would be somewhat disingenuous to say, "No selling required!" (as some companies do), the Experiential Marketing model is based on letting the products sell themselves.  You can be very successful without being a sales person.  
  • Let the product do the work,
  • Focus on sponsoring and teaching, instead of recruiting and selling.
And, one of your most powerful tools for this is the Family Physician Kit™.  One associate in my downline has built a very substantial business simply by sharing with others what the oils can do for them.  She shares her testimonial of how her family — including two grade-school-aged kids — dumped a tub-load of medicines and replaced them with the oils, and they haven't had an illness-related doctor visit in more than 18 months (as of this writing).

How you earn with dōTERRA®

There are a number of ways your dōTERRA® business pays you.  You can earn a substantial income through retail sales, the Fast Start plan, the Unilevel Bonus and with the Power of 3 program.  And, with dōTERRA's generous Compensation Plan, you get paid on a weekly and/or monthly basis (depending on how your group's structure and activity).  And, all of this is supported with dōTERRA's strong product loyalty, meaning that you will benefit from strong, long-term residual income.
  • With retail sales (which can be made one-on-one, at parties or other events, or through your website, , you are paid the difference between wholesale and retail (an earning of 25%) or between wholesale and Preferred Customer prices (an earning of 9%).  This commission is paid monthly.
  • With the Fast Start plan, you are paid 20% of all purchases made by your new team members in their first 60 days.  This commission is paid weekly.
  • With the Unilevel Bonus, as your business grows, you will be paid additional bonuses for your organizational leadership activities.  This takes time to build, but has the potential be a source of massive income.
  • With the Power of 3 plan, you could (theoretically) earn a monthly check of $1,500.00 with as few as 40 people in your organization (in three levels). 
And, as you build your team deeper, you are paid on its activity down several generations.  More details are available with the dōTERRA® Compensation Plan.

For more information visit the  doTerra website 

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